My Writing Revelations

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The Problem: Not enough people like my writing.

Writers, we are a strange breed. In us is both the insatiable urge to share our ideas with the world, and our infinitely small ego; both together in the same mind, battling endlessly. Oh, and it is all too easy to let that small ego get the upper hand. Sure, our ego regularly attacks us straight on with overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, but our little ego is much more intelligent than we give credit. Our ego can even trick us if we let it.

You know your ego has fooled you when you start to write a thought or story that came from your soul, and then you suddenly think to yourself, “But, this isn’t marketable! No one will pay to read this. What’s the point?” So, you put that idea aside and write something you know more people will appreciate. You see what happened? We’ve been tricked into holding back our true self in the name of an ego boost.

The Revelation: Write what erupts naturally from your soul and with enough practice the popularity and money will follow. If money and popularity never comes you will have enjoyed the ride.

The Problem: I don’t like to share.

Think about it, if we didn’t intend to share our ideas we would leave them safely concealed in our minds. We write down ideas because they must be experienced by others. I always feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders when I give in to this inclination and uncloak my writing. For me, the most intense fear to overcome was that people wouldn’t like what I wrote.

I know it sounds crazy but I feel nearly as happy about my writing when people don’t like it as when they do. Deep down, we all know that if we write from our heart some people will not like it. And it is the strangest happiness when we write something and it gets completely rejected. Why? Because this is one of the few ways we can be assured we wrote straight from our soul without any hidden motives.

The Revelation: Share your writing with friends, family, and the world. You won’t be a truly content writer until you do.

The Problem: My writing never seems to get better.

Some people feel the urge to write, then they read what they wrote, and feel totally dissatisfied. Sorry to burst your bubble but this feeling will probably never go away. We can almost always find faults with our writing, even after we’ve spent years working on it. Don’t worry; our writing is getting better, it just hasn’t quite achieved greatness yet –at least, to us.

Try not to let this feeling discourage you. Remember, the reason we can find faults in our writing is because we have good taste. The very fact that we know our writing isn’t perfect yet is a good sign. This good taste that now feels like a burden will someday be our objective witness to help us verify when we’ve written our masterpiece.

The Revelation: Take comfort in the fact that you will get better and better but may never be fully satisfied. Use this as a continuous source of fuel to push yourself a little bit harder each and every time you sit down to write.

I hope sharing my writing revelations has helped you in some small way. If you have had any writing revelations feel free to share them in the comments section!


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