Mr Resistor

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Technology. Computers. The Internet. We know no other way now. Kids can work on a computer with ease while Adults struggle to even find the “start” button. Most spend their time mindlessly playing computer games or working on writing English papers. Some do Excel spreadsheets and run their businesses with their computer. Then there are the few that dissect computers. Compiling programs, upgrading hardware, constantly messing around with them. They are surgeons of the electronic world. The only difference is humans have feelings, emotions. Computers don’t. All that makes up a computer is complex electrical circuits and the movement of electrons. It’s impossible for them to have emotions. Or is it.

Vic sat at his desk, watching the loading bar on the screen inch by. His brand new LCD monitor made the loading bar look somewhat better. “GAH!” he cried, “Why is this thing SO SLOW!?”. He kicked the beige metal case of his computer. This gave him an idea. “I have a fever, and the only prescription is OVERCLOCKING.” he said with a grin. Vic sat patiently as he waited for the program to finish installing. Once the hard drive stopped churning, he pulled the power cord and other cables out of the computer, cutting its nerves, and lay it gently on its side. He picked one of his screwdrivers off his desk and began to pry off the side panel. The first incision.

He looked inside and saw his ancient computer, parts so old they belonged in a museum. He looked over the complex circuitry and admired the copper wires embedded in the board. Then he saw the switches that modified the clock speed of the processor. He saw that they were set to the default setting of 100 megahertz. “What a waste” he said as he flicked them all to the “ON” position. He added them up and found the clock speed to now be at 250 megahertz “Perfect” he grinned.

With all the care of a drunk doctor, Vic slapped the side panel back on and connected all the cables back to the ports on his computer. He turned it on and it loaded somewhat faster. “Fantastic” he said. Everything was faster. His programs opened in the blink of an eye. Everything went smoothly. For once nothing bad happened. Nobody has died so far.

While Vic sat admiring his “new” fast computer, a single tiny resistor in the power supply of his computer was beginning to fail. The solder simply began liquefied from the heat. The increase in speed also caused an increase in power demand. The tiny resistor couldn’t handle it. If finally split in half. This caused a chain reaction, the resistors around him began to split in half. A capacitor melted and burst. Voltage regulators detached from the circuit board. Wire insulation melted. The veins and arteries ruined. The flow of electricity was cut off. The heart had stopped.

Vic sat in awe. “Well, they sure don’t make things like they used to.” he said frowning. He disconnected the computer and sat it on his desk. The smell of burning electronics hit his nose hard. Frustrated, he sat down and looked through a magazine. Behind him, the computers power light flickered on. Vic turned around slowly. The end came quickly.


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