Goby Lane

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oby lane has been the site of many myths and legends. Most of which are full of nonsense and fantastic tales of magic and impossible things. Things that could never happen, not even in a story. Some however, are possible. Others are probable. Then there are still others that are so real, they must be true. Kenny Young found out what happens when myths are so real, they become reality.

It was a fine summers day on Goby Lane. The adults were busy working to paint their houses and mow their lawns and keep everything nice and neat. Everyone except the two mysterious friends, Amanda and Brittney, that lived at house number 1074. Their lawn was full of weeds, the faded yellow paint was peeling off the wood, and their garden was totally overgrown and jungle like. A stranger could look at their house and say it had been abandon for years and years. The un-kept house was the source of all sorts of myth and legend. Some believed that the friends were really witches, others believed their garden was home to a man eating gnome. The children had their own ideas. Kenny and his friends were playing kickball in his backyard. The house next door was the home of the two friends. “Kenny catch the ball!” yelled one of his friends. “It’s going to…” but it was too late, the red rubber ball sailed effortlessly over the white wood fence.

“Now you’ve done it!” said his best friend Rolf, “That was the only ball we had!”

“And now its gone forever” added Carl.

“Guys guys, it’s okay I’ll go over the fence and get it back!” Kenny said cheerfully.

“No!” cried Rolf, “You’ll get eaten by the crazy people that live in that house!” He looked over at the forest that was Amanda and Brittney’s backyard. He thought he saw the vines on the side of the house move, but decided it was just the wind.

“You guys are nuts” said Kenny as he walked over to a loose board in the fence.

“Wait!” screamed Carl. “don’t you want to know the story?”

“What story?” asked Kenny

“Well, you know everyone that goes in that backyard gets eaten by the evil people that live in that house! They cook them with carrots and pasta and beans and rice and they deep fry them with pickles and and..”

“Stop!” Kenny said, getting annoyed. “They won’t eat me. But just in case, I’ll bring some weapons.” he rummaged through the garage and got a hammer from his fathers tool box, a wooden bat from his sisters bat bag, and his paint ball gun. He packed them in a backpack and went back to meet his friends. They already got the fence board pried off and were ready for him to embark on his journey to retrieve the kickball. “Ready?” asked Carl

“Ready.” said Kenny. He slid through the fence and from then on, luck was not on his side.

Green leaves, brown dirt, yellow flowers, blue flowers, red ball. Kenny saw the ball on the other side of the yard, sitting in a forgotten bird bath, like a trophy on a pedestal. He walked through the dense forest of overgrown shrubs and plants, trying to reach it. Every twist and every turn caused him to get more and more lost. No matter where he was, the red ball was directly ahead of him in the bird bath. The few clouds in the sky spun in circles above him. The hot sun melted him. Then, Kenny thought he finally reached his prize. He could see it behind a tree. Carefully he walked closer to it. Kenny stopped. He sensed something wasn’t right long after he could have avoided his fate.

The ground fell out from underneath him. He fell down, down into a deep dark pit. He screamed but the earth closed above him. He was now in the belly of the beast that was Amanda and Brittney’s backyard. “Why did I chase that stupid ball” he sighed.

Carefully, he felt the walls around him. They were cold, and smooth, like metal. His hand hit what felt like a light switch. He flipped it and a dim florescent light came to life. All around him sat piles of skulls and bones. Kenny cringed. He was in a square room with a low ceiling. Water from a hose coming out of the ceiling. He felt under him and realized he landed on top of someone, or part of someone. He screamed as he realized the body looked nothing like a person.

Far in the dark corner, he heard what sounded like a computer booting up. Blinking yellow lights danced. Behind him, a bright light beamed. He turned and saw a glass panel, a two way mirror. Behind its smooth surface was the two friends. Sitting, laughing, pointing. They pulled a lever on the wall and the machines lights turned to solid red. It rolled out slowly. Kenny took out his paint ball gun and shot at it. The machine shot back with real ammunition, and the girls laughed. “Oh what fun!” Brittney said into a microphone “This is wonderfully entertaining don’t you think Amanda?”.

“Oh yes!” cried Brittney. She pushed a big green button on the wall behind them and everything in the metal room went black. The machine beeped, and chainsaw started up.


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