Review on Fable 2

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This game is great, but let me start with: the first Fable was way better. This game does have better graphics, more stuff, a bigger world and new enemies, but it lacks something that the first Fable had. One of the things is probably the cut scenes and another is unbelievably lame ending, oh and you know the hilarious reactions people had in the first. Gone. No more “you are know a killer” after you murder someone’s spouse or “are you gonna shoot me?” when you are aiming an arrow right at someone’s face. But back to the point. It takes place have a millennium after the first and Albion has evolved: the people now sport guns! It may seem weird and takes some getting used to but is still a great game. In this game another difference is that you have a dog accompanying you where ever you go and he comes in very handy. Like in the first, there are many main and side quests and you start as a kid, but guess what, no heroes guild and your one of the last of your kind. It has the original level up system and a similar menu. You retain the choice to be good or evil and it affects your image and reputation. But the new stuff, like you can buy any property without having to kill anyone and you collect rent even if you’re not playing and the Xbox is off! Great, EH? So if it is just a bigger better version of the original, then why isn’t it better? I think there are two reasons one it is to in the future, two it was the funny reactions that made the first so much fun. There is so much to do in it but does not have good replay value due to the expansive universe. Unfortunately you get bored before you can finish all the quests.Remember it is rated M for Blood, Language, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol and Violence. But it’s worth buying but just in case you should rent or borrow it first. Good luck and have fun!


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