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My New Buzzbot Technology will have Social networking functions on Every Website on the Internet. Advertise, make comments, blogs, and interact on Every website in the World!
 It’s FREE to ALL !
The Web2Upgrade with the Buzzbot Technology is totally free to use, but you do need to be invited, So with that said, Consider yourself Invited!

 When you are in your Back Office you will have the same as other Social Networking websites Except you will have More!

Interactive Desktop, which includes, Widgets, Chat, Blogs, eCards, comments , make your own presentations, webcasts, audio and video presentations, and more!

The NEW BUZZBOT Interactive Desktop

Look around, you have nothing to lose.

Nothing to download.

You will then be able to advertise make comments, blogs, and interact on Every website in the World!

The Buzzbot 2. OH has become one Giant step forward in becoming the most sought after Social Networking website ever. 

What is The Buzzbot ?

The BuzzBot is a simple tool that makes everything online completely interactive.
Chat, Blog, Comment and INTERACT on every website
on the internet.

Social Networking is considered to be the next step in the evolution of the Internet (from a flat world, to an interactive world) –

BuzzBot is the next step in the evolution of Social Networking by bringing all of these popular features from less than 5% of all internet sites having them, to 100%, every website on the web now fully interactive, instantly and all at a simple click of a button.
That’s The BuzzBot

 The NEW BUZZBOT Interactive Desktop

The New Buzzbot Interactive Desktop has some of the most exciting features to come from an online software application that we have ever seen!

THIS NEW RELEASE has taken the internet by storm and Will take The Buzzbot to the top of the charts!

 It’s Time for You TO MAKE A FORTUNE!

People are making THOUSANDS that are being made weekly.
When the NEW BuzzBot Interactive Desktop is released, millions of dollars will be made for all who make the choice to take advantage of this very exciting an promising business opportunity!

Are you ready for a commitment to Better your Life Financially ?

If you are looking for a Serious Business? We will help you if you have:

* A true desire

* A commitment to work

 * Good work ethics

These elements will propel you into creating a 6 to 7 Figure Fortunes!


There are plenty of people without Experience or Skill but The people earning these types of incomes have two things in common – DESIRE and WORK ETHIC!

The New Buzzbot technology is a  “Sure Thing” type Technology that is one step ahead in the
Evolution of Social Networking. Remember, Social Networking is a trend that has sites like facebook, youTube and mySpace, creating hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenues each year !
You know What? Our Buzzbot technology IS BETTER!

Web2Upgrade and the Buzzbot technology will soon grow every bit as big as any of those big Social Networking companies and since ALL of our users will be below our AFFILIATE Members, FORTUNES are ALREADY being made. YOU too can be Next by first becoming a Free Affiliate,then Upgrading to be a BuzzBot Property Owner TODAY!

Like I said, it is FREE to become an Affiliate, but the BIG Money is being made by our NEW BuzzBot Property Owners.

Even though the BuzzBot Properties are not due to be released until the release of the New BuzzBot Interactive Desktop later, our new BuzzBot Property Owners are already earning thousands of dollars per week!

We have members who have bought a property and have started earning a thousand dollars plus their very first week! You can do this too – starting right RIGHT NOW!  Go to:


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