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The first thing you want to do to make money with revtwt for your twitter account is sign in. The next number one thing you want to make sure is that you have 50 followers or more with your twitter account. If you don’t have 50 followers or more with your twitter account you can’t use revtwt to make money with twitter until you have 50 followers or more. So go get those 50 followers quick so you can get started. Now if you have the 50 followers and ready to start making money with your twitter account you want to click on the the post ads link.

When clicking on the post ads link a number of categories of differrent ads will come up for you to choose from. Such as ads from career/jobs, education, entertainment, money, and much more. When choosing the ad you want make sure you read it and make sure you can earn money from the clicks you will recieve when posting it. Some of the ads only allow certain clicks from certain countries so be sure to read the ads. Also different ads have different payouts so check to see how much the ad pays out as well.

When you have chosen the ad you want to put on your twitter account click on the title next to where it tells you how much it pays out. Then you can check the landing page to see if you want the ad on your twitter account and if you do just click post ad and your good to go. Now depending on your account you can post 1 to 4 ads a day just make sure you ad about 6 tweets before posting another ad. Make sure the ads are not 20% more than your tweets.


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