Left 4 Dead

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Are you ready to mindlessly pump infected zombies full of lead? That’s what I thought, who isn’t. So basically this game is about four survivors from an infectious disease that is turning everyone into zombies and since these four are immune, the infected are trying to kill them. So let me introduce the main characters: Zoey, the only girl in the group had a decision between dropping out of high school or not but now has no choice because all of her teachers are dead. Francis is a punk who loves the lawless life that comes with the infected taking over but he has to leave because who wants to be eaten by zombies? Bill is an old war veteran who has been looking for a fight after his honorable discharge and has finally found it. And best for last, Louis was trying to quite his job when would luck have it, his boss turns into a murderous zombie so he could just kill him instead.These four have to escape to a safer place. You have the option to leave in several different campaigns. No Mercy where you start at the top of an apartment building and must get across to a helicopter to bring you to safety. Dead air where you go through an airport to get to a plane and fly away. Blood harvest is running through a farmer’s field to reach an armored tank. Death Toll in which you must reach a boat in order to escape. Now it’s not just running through you have to fight your way out with an arsenal of weapons. It breaks apart into five scenes in between each there is a safe room where you cannot be harmed by the infected and can stock up on ammo. And its not just regular zombies, some turn into the special infected. These include the witch, who is frightened by light, but avoidable. The Hunter a quick one who pounces on you and mauls your face. The Smoker, who grabs you with his tongue, pulls you and constricts you. And the Tank which is a massive beast who kill crush any infected in its way just to kill you. Once any special infected have got you, it is up to your teammates to save you. This game is two player on your own gaming system, but allows four player if you use system link or on-line play. It also has downloads from the consoles on-line stores.  This game has awesome graphics and great quality with great re-play value. It is rated M for blood and gore, intense violence and language but if you’re ok with blood and violence then your fine because I am yet to hear any thing too bad. This game becomes and instant classic in the zombie killing genre and is just great.


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