Meer cats in space

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If you’re not South African then you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Our government according to newspapers has decided that they will halt/reduce the amount used to fund our Aids cure research for a space project called Meer cat.

I’m not quite sure about the details on this and have no idea why they’d want to call a space project Meer cat in the first place. How they have reached the decision that exploring space is more important than people dying of Aids is beyond me. But I have noticed that when it comes to people in power they can decide anything they want anytime they want. I think its part of the perks of being in government.

It’s quite interesting how we are supposed to be a democratic country but I haven’t seen a shred of democracy for a number of years now. One of their recent power-stricken moments was when the decided that street names, and provinces needed to be renamed. Someone sat in their office and decided that they need to charge apartheid induced names to more African names. I’m sure millions were spent launching this crazy project.

The ANC’s slogan is “government for the people by the people” interesting since I don’t remember any government official asking me what I wanted; not even once. Is this what power does to people? If I had lots of power would I find myself launching attacks on countries due to speculation, paying those who are in power with me so much money they could probably survive on it for 4 months? Would I use my money only to get recognition? Is this what power and wealth is about?


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