Tips about using the internet

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I hope you find these tips helpful whether new or old to the internet.  

1) Use search engines like Google and Bing to find your way around the internet. With them everything is easy as you just type what you want to find but without them you are lost! My favourite search engine is Google as it has more results than any of the others and many other handy features/applications like Googlemail and Maps. 

2) Shops online only at sites that you know have good feedback or well known ones like Amazon or Play. If you find a new retailer either avoid them and/or look around the internet for reviews and if you can`t find much good feedback avoid these shops. Also check to see how professional a website and if it looks like it has lots of spleeling mistake and bad grammer don’t shop there. 

3) Use your common sense – there are many scams on the internet and if someone is saying you can earn such £1500 a day online it probably is too good to be true and everyone would be doing it! Also don’t trust everything people say as everything said online is sadly not true! 

4) If you are shopping online make sure that there is https in the address bar if you are entering private details as this means your details are safer! 

5) Finally enjoy all the benefits of the internet and the most important tip is just use your common sense. Don’t do stupid things online and be kind to everyone you meet! 

Hopefully you will have learnt something important from these tips and you will continue to enjoy the internet!


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