Spotify (The best music software!)

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I often surf the net randomly and once in a while I find a hidden gem which I know I am going to be using for a long time and are just brilliant! These websites include Youtube, HotukDeals and Dooyoo and a few others. (I have reviewed all of the previous sites!) Now I can add to the list Spotify! 

What is Spotify? 

Simply put Spotify lets you listen to a massive amount of tracks for free in good quality and is much better than trying to watch music videos on Youtube. There are however a few popular bands who are not on Spotify like the Beatles, Metallica and Pink Floyd but the site is only in its beta stage and these bands will probably change their minds about joining Spotify! You can listen to the tracks almost instantly and within about 3 seconds of finding your favourite song you can be listening to it! 

Getting Started 

To get Spotify all you have to do is to go the website and then download the program! That is how easy it is get Spotify! It only takes a couple of minutes to download and it is free to use! 

Ease of Use 

It is really is easy to use and you just use the search bar to find what you want. You can search for songs or artists. If you type in an artist, you will find all their albums. You will find 9/10 things you search for come up with what you want to find and sometimes there are even more choices like Live versions of songs! Spotify looks similar to Itunes and is easy to use! 

Why is it Free and also Legal? 

Spotify is free because it has the odd advert that appears which pays the artists and also Spotify some money. The program is also legal because of this which means this is the best music software ever! If you want to get rid of the adverts you can pay to get rid of them. It is £0.99 for a day, and £9.99 for a month although I don`t really mind the adverts and there are less than on the radio. 

I think Spotify is a brilliant piece of software and lets everyone enjoy music and try new music. It lets you find new artists and songs that you like and brings the best out of music! 

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