How to ensure your cat has good eating habits

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Cat owners all around the world can testify how their pet eats this and does not eat that. How they can only feed the cat with one brand, or even worse some chosen home and hand made delicacy. But it really does not have to be this way.

Cats get bored too

It might at first seem slightly cruel to deny your pampered pet the thing you think of as a treat. However the fact is if they are having the same thing over and over and over… I am sure that if you had to eat even the tastiest desert 3 times a day every day, you would not call it a treat anymore…

Dependency can cause harm

Now it does not take a lot of imagination to figure what would happen if your Brand X addicted cat suddenly had to face a factory closure. Or a thing as small as a recipe change! You are in for a lot of trouble. And, I am really sad to say this, there is no guarantee it will end well.

This is the main reason why you should start introducing a variety of foods into your cat’s diet as soon as possible.

Cats do tend to get into habits (good or bad) which are then hard to eradicate once they are established. And when they protest against something it can be a self-destructing act – like refusing to eat or drink.

Establish good and healthy habits

Start young, before your kitten has a chance to make up it’s own mind.

When introducing a brand make sure you get several flavours. Would you like to eat only tuna all day long?

Even with mixed flavours try introducing different brands. Best to stick to quality cat food, but sometimes throwing something cheap into the mix won’t hurt either. Eating fast food once a year won’t kill you, same goes for cats.

Think about mixing not only brands and flavours but types of food as well. Dry food makes for a great snack and does not spoil quickly. On the other hand wet food is fresh and contains water, so means the cat has to drink less. Finally, fresh food that’s part of your meals – like leftovers from preparing meat or cooked rice and vegetables without spices etc. can add even more variety.


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