10 Ways to Use Time Efficiently on Your Train Commute

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There are many reasons why you might be stuck with a train commute. Often it might be cheaper than car travel, especially when you count the parking costs in big cities. It might be just a temporary thing until you find a closer place to live.

Whatever the reason there is no point in wasting all this time that is neither work nor leisure.

Reading for pleasure

In fact, why not make it leisure time? Are there any books you have been putting away for a long time? The best bit about books is that you can read them not only if you’ve got a seat , but also if you’re standing.

Educational reading

Maybe the job you are commuting to is not ideal. Why not up your chances at catching something better suited with educational books. Whether it’s a self-help guide, a technical manual, or a course book we learn all our lives, and up to date skills can always benefit all areas of your life.

Audio books

Not the reading type? Well there are plenty of audio materials available. Again it does not matter if you just want to pass the time or learn something new – there is something for everyone on the market.

Podcasts or radio

If books are a bit too long for your attention span, maybe podcasts can interest you. These custom “radio” auditions can be downloaded to your mp3 player or similar device in advance and played back when you have some spare time alone.


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