Swine Flu

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In these days, swine flu is spreading rapidly through out the world and on Aug 12, 2009, a 13 year old child has tested positive for swine flu after undergoing various medical check ups and tests on him at Faisalabad Allied Hospital. The EDO Health Faisalabad has verified the case as H5N1 positive. The tainted teenage boy is living in Toba Tek Singh and had recently visited to Saudi Arabia; it is supposed that he picked up the virus from there.

The sad or dark side of this fact is that the Hospital has no separate rooms for the infected patients and any detection kits or equipments to tackle the situation. After passing of more than one week of this incident, government has not yet raised any step nor has any warning been issued in this perspective. Looking towards other countries that has infected by the swine flu they are taking serious preventive measures to handle this deadly virus.

Government has to consider this issue seriously and medical teams should have to appoint to visit all local hospitals whether its large city or small a village or a tribal area moreover implement protective measures at hospitals and also at all International Air Ports to tackle the situation, such as peoples coming from other countries should thoroughly checked by experienced medical staff at air ports and virus detecting equipments should supplied to all major and small government hospitals. Its quite notable aspect that the child infected by the H1N1 virus has considered to picked the virus from Saudi Arab, so if any medical team was examine this child at the time when he was checking in to Pakistan from  Saudi Arabia then he would not faced so much trouble as he is facing in these days.


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