Michelle Duggar ready to welcome her 19th child

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Michelle Duggar ready to welcome her 19th child

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ALREADY she has 18 children and she and her husband expect one more within five months. She is just 42 and she is special for many around her as she belongs to a family which is probably the largest ever known to the rest. Within the span of 42 years she is happily ready to complete 12 years of pregnancy period in total. Her eldest son is also going to be blessed with a child almost at the same time.

Her husband was not ready to have a sibling just after their marriage and nor she was. She used to take birth control pill and just after years she gave birth to the first baby which was a male one. Then friendship with the pills again and this time the pills behaved mysteriously and she experienced a miscarriage.

A conservative Christian as she was and her family too was only such, she bid goodbye to the birth-control pills with a view to honoring the wishes of God. The family has an attachment with Quiverfull, a Christian movement. They resolved to welcome the babies as gifts of God.

She is always happy, happy with her husband and 18 children. The smiling faces of all the members of the family suggest that they are happy. Her husband, Jim Bob Duggar was once a state legislature. He owns number of business and he also owns commercial real estate.

Michelle Duggar she is. She has never sent a sibling to any school. Children have been home-schooled and all of them have learned to play piano and violin.

This Arankansas family has recently assembled in their Springdale, Ark., home to declare the big news to TODAY via satellite.


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