How to Make Coffee Pot Oatmeal

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It’s a cold winter. Monday morning and it snowed hard sunday evening. Time to shovel the drive, you have to get to work. You can’t shovel on an empty stomach but you also can’t spend the time making breakfast. A solution lands in your lap like a hot cup of java.

If you are using a coffee pot that you regularly brew coffee in, you may consider a nice scrubbing. I was lucky to find a new one thrift shopping that has a timer, especially useful. If yours does not have a timer use an outlet timer, an inexpensive solution.

As soon as you read, “Coffee Pot Oatmeal” you probably understood what it meant. Make oatmeal with your coffee pot. Measure the amount of oatmeal as per the servings and put in carafe. A coffee pot will hold between one and three servings, two is perfect. Add the corresponding amount of water, plus and additional 1/8 cup and set the timer.

Now before you head off to work on a cold winter day, hot oatmeal will be waiting as soon as you awake. Top with whatever toppings you prefer. This has been a time saver for me for years and a pleasure to share.


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