How to Shop for School Supplies and Save

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I know what you’re thinking. What a quick summer, it’s already time for back to school shopping. You know what they’ve always said, “The early bird gets the worm.” Well they’re right. Start your shopping as soon as possible. Sales are happening all the time. Take advantage and stock up.


You can take the paw off of your eyes, it’s alright. One helpful suggestion is to be prepared. Know what you need to get, as well as preparing for the shopping day itself. You know, drinks and healthy snacks. This will keep you from giving in to fast food, thus saving money.

Let your fingers do the walking. Pick up a Sunday paper and check out all the bargains. Here you’ll find coupons and rebates, another way to save money. The kids will need clothing and shoes as well. A great place to look. Think of the newspaper as an inexpensive helper.

Upon returning home from your shopping venture, designate a space for all the extras. Having extra school supplies is always a good idea, it saves you from running out at the last minute. Don’t worry, it’ll all get used.


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