If H2O constitutes water, are the Letters In Your Birth Name Also Coded?

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MODE OF Cosmic Therapy: How To Dissect Designed Destiny

If you are willing to suspend uninformed judgment, biased comment and preconditioned commentary while toying with the idea that everything in your life is intricately connected with no exception, then you may be ready to receive some esoteric concepts worth noting. Nothing is excluded from your everyday existence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Every single occurrence has something to with the composition of the entire scenario of what you call ‘your’ life.In other words, EVERYTHING plays a significant part!

Then, with this intriguing premise temporarily established, you are ready to proceed with the next little interesting  excerpt of exploration. As I have elaborated in other readings, letters which make up words are so vitally important, in the realm of your personal destiny, so much so that by counting the number of letters you have which make up your entire birth name, you are able to release a powerful unifying magical secret code which enables you to pounce in/on/upon victory lane. (If that little tidbit of esoteric information doesn’t interest you, (in the least) find something that does. Don’t waste your precious time reading unenlightening words. But, IF you can suspend judgment, (while holding at bay further derogatory interpretation) the least that can happen is you’ll be able to provide some amusing entertainment for the next few minutes.

Because of the specific number of letters involved (Incidentally, letters are live flames of nitrogen) in making up your particular birth name, you are cosmically coded, as such, to receive certain privileges, opportunities and experiences. That’s a universal law! You will do what I won’t and I won’t do what you will, get that? You have an undeniable angle imprinted upon the slate of your Earth Home Work Assignment Book from which you operate. Although the message is perfectly understandable from another level, you are left somewhat in the dark until at such time; the interest is ignited in you to discover what sea creatures of habit swim below the surface of your present life.

Did you ever see the movie: <u>Dead Poet’s Society</u>? (Robin Williams) Great feature! I am especially referring to the part where he had the students stand on their desks to get higher perspective on things. This form of vision is exactly what I am talking about. At the current level of observance in which you are now standing, the emphasis upon the number of letters in your name may not seem essential or relevant. But, suffice it to say; they are. From where you are standing, pretty much nothing is clear regarding the happenstances in your life. You honestly believe that you are separate from the events which occur right before your eyes, don’t you?

You approach your day to day living with the ingrained idea of interacting with circumstances, people, places, things, situations that appear to you to be distinct and independent of you. Not true. Your life, including the ‘lines’ that make it up, are not disconnected from you in any way whatsoever! You life, defined and experienced as obscure by you, is simply because you have never seriously investigated what it all means, if anything. The specific reason for this obscurity is due to the angle of which your view things. The number of letters in your birth name determines and defines THAT warped or elevated angle. Understanding the proper measurement of your designated angle will clear up several ambiguities.

It is at this point where I tell you how you “…gag at a gnat and swallow a camel…”.(Paraphrased) You would be willing to argue for hours on end on how the number of letters in a person’s name has nothing absolutely to do with anything most especially in how his/her life is engaged. And, yet you might in the very same breath say you believe in an afterlife which you have no verifiable experience to substantiate. Everything is relative, I suppose.

According to some distinctive ancient chemical laws of the universe, H20 constitutes water. Nothing else but, at least that is consensus of scientific research. It is here where I propose that the same type of formula has been ascribed to you. Dependent upon the definite number of letters which make up your name, [in addition to the letters themselves]contribute to the effective formula’s coding on your inherent life. Of course many other factors come into play such as your birth date, position of the planets,(on the day you were born) precisely where you were born, the time of day, weather conditions, name and origin of your parents. {Little details like that} But, negating all of the extenuating elements involved, simply by knowing the specific number of letters in your birth name, you can/will be a well-informed individual.

Due to the exacting precision, the number of letters carries in your chosen destiny, you will be surprised to learn that the outer circumstances of your life will unfold according to a very specialized and detailed ‘order of the selected ether’. It’s sorta like the name of 15 letters defines one play, 16 letters another and 19 yet another god-given destined script. You were born for a very distinct fate. No one else on the Earth will experience the exact same things you will. Ever. You have chosen to come to Earth to learn (remember) what it means to be fully human. You will experience in exact measure only those specified events conducive to your particular unfolding.How else can it be, otherwise?

Your specific human designed charter in destiny is prepared to ‘balance the opposites’ in every action, encounter, person, place, thing, objective and circumstance in your entire walk. It will set the equilibrium according to forces established and maintained through a cosmically intricate challenge on eternity’s scale. That’s why it appears that things are out of order sometimes, because it’s not finished, yet. Nothing conceived, produced, created, and manifested out of your life will be left standing undisturbed. All of life’s forces are constructed for the destruction and removal of debris carried over from each lifetime.The enslavement/liberation/ease/enchantment/suffering associated in various relationships depend upon the totality of sequential patterns involved in the designated sum of letters in your birth name.

By releasing the rubbish, the tried and true ravenous soul reveals itself through circumstances formed in pain, suffering and total misunderstanding. It is also extended by and through unrestrained pleasureful situations. You can never try to control or explain the various impromptu words, thoughts, people, actions, or ideas that spontaneously enter your mind. You can not make it right or reasonable, (Remember: nothing’s wrong) neither can you tabulate the current path with any real sense of consistency. Seek to release the need for definitive preferred answers (rectifications) beyond the moment you are breathing. That moment is simultaneously linked to all moments in eternity. You, nor the imploding unexplained notions, didn’t just begin here in this life!

This is where you begin to get an idea that you have absolutely no control. You experience yourself as going through the motions unable to reveal the agony of not knowing and knowing at the same time. A battle ensues for possession of your flesh mind. It is here you discover the straight and narrow path few people ever find much less walk. do not dismiss the inexplicable unreasonable thoughts that pop up. They are showing up for a divine reason you are unaware of at the time. do you honestly believe you can shut down the voice of the soul’s beckoning? No. The number of letters determine your specific call. You will climb the wall of suspicion sometime to see what’s on the other side.

However, passive resignation is not allowed within these walls. You must work out your salvation through obedience, disciple and labor and gut-wrenching despair until you arrive at the place of self-liberation in self-exalted ecstasy. It is here when genuine sacred sensual sexual artistic fecundity flows. This IS where you recognize that you have no choice but to leave your fate with the GOD (S). You cease balking. You become pliable, willingly agreeable and usable. You can, at this point, acknowledge how astounded you are in the GREAT work on, through and with you.

You remember (ever so slightly) your soul’s true plight: to experience suffering, loss, and pain. {And, just as eager to experience wealth, health and happiness untold)To experience that which can never be fully expressed or explained is the goal of bringing spirit to flesh. {Word made Flesh} But, rest assured: it is from our deepest wounds that are we made strong and diligent. “…By our stripes are we healed…” (Paraphrased) It is here you realize with stark confirmation that you must keep your agreements. {Especially the ones you signed in those nebulous cosmic contracts before you got here.) No bailing out for any reason. Finish the mission be thy only floating banner. How many letters make up your birth name?


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