How to Make A BB Slinger

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Mechanical Bic Pencil
  • Rubber Band
  • Thumbtack
  • Supply of BBs

I must let you know, this one is going to get you into trouble. I can already see it happening. This mustn’t be blamed on me, this is merely a suggestion. So don’t shoot out your neighbors sun tea jar. Sorry Bruce and Mary.

If the pencil you are using is new, all the lead must be removed. Now you must carefully snap the writing tip off, this may require a little bit of force. Discard tip and slide the clicking rod out of the pencil casing.

In order to make sure proper projection is achieved, I always double the rubber band by folding in half, sometimes even thirds. Slide the folded rubber band onto the clip that is near the top of the pencil casing. Replace the clicking rod and secure loose end of rubber band to the eraser with a thumbtack.

It just so happens that the pencil is the perfect size to hold a BB in the tip of the casing. Slightly pull back on clicking rod, load BB, crank back farther and fire. You’ve shot your first BB.

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