IS Life A Prison,Sanctuary, Soap Opera or Burlesque Club? How To Communicate Effectively.

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MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: The Esoteric Art of Eliminating Superficiality

Today, a new Moon in Gemini sets the stage for problematic communication. Unless you are absolutely certain you can carry through on your verbalized threats, “Don’t make them.” You’re not nearly as tough as you are pretending to be. You are using a manipulative strategy to achieve a predetermined outcome. One of which you’ve only just begun to sample the consequences. Once you place your feet upon the path of esoteric self-knowledge through recognized experience, there is no going back. You are incapable of making right a situation that has long since ‘popped its pimples.’ Now, I’m not one who is accustomed to handing out advice; for all things happen exactly and precisely as they are supposed to for reasons we can’t see, but in this particular case, you are barking up the wrong tree. In other words, you are openly vindictively playing with dynamite, thinking it won’t explode. The problem is: dynamite has a tendency to go off in full animated horrendous splendor.

You are racing off in several different directions, half cocked. What’s wrong with that? Not a dog gone thing! IF you are a mind to accept the preloaded skunked avenue of stink established by your choices, then by all means FULL speed ahead and may the best man win. However, any time you do something with a predetermined outcome, the result in no wise resembles the sought after goal. That’s the name of the binocular game: “Association with truth.” You have no way of knowing the various levels attached to your blatant harmless actions. You want one thing, the other person, another thing altogether. You are trying, by manipulative measures, to force an issue to a presupposed so-called desired end. “Aint gonna happen, captain!” This steamboat is paddling up the wrong stream.

“Wake up,” your soul calls to you from the shore of motivation’s land of intent. The on-going dilemma started in the year of 1989. Where were you? Was it a dream? “Just open your eyes to see what’s really going on, now!” Look around at the remnants of sweltering story you refuse to release. “Don’t be afraid of what you see.” It is now 20 years later. (Or, is it?) You can’t replace something that isn’t missing. You didn’t lose out. You didn’t miss the boat; it hasn’t sailed yet. Stop with your mealy mouthed revelry of despair. It’s really rather paltry and trite. The energy you have engaged could penetrate an anointed place IF you are so inclined to experience a gulf of discharge of deeply lodged argumentative bogus thoughts.

Now is the time (season) for your self-vested book of sorrow to be cast into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered anymore. Turn the pages of the new book: “An extraordinary day in the ordinary day in the life of richly endowed human filled to overflowing with talent, sexuality, and incredible artistic endeavor.” In this book of, Abrupt Arousing, you are presented with the real question of what you are desperately seeking the answer to. “What do you really want?” So, what if you have changed your mind and don’t want what you always convinced yourself you did? And, so what IF what you want IS exactly what you’ve always had, but now it occurs to you that you seem to want to change the other to suit your idea of better way? Therein lays the dilemma. No change except that which jingles in your pocket. Instead of acting in haste to sever a situation, just give yourself some additional breathing room before making your next impulsive move. Just accept, for now, “I don’t know” or “I don’t want anything because IN TRUTH I have always gotten everything I have ever wanted and I’m bored to death!

The next truth, you may want to wrestle with, (just for kicks), is how to pierce the veil of death; to see beyond the ‘apparent appearance’ of things. That little devilish confrontation would and has been an irascible constant plea inside of you but you’ve never been able to put your hands on it. And, incidentally, you have been so masterful at covering it up. The nagging dislocating idea that no matter what you will ever accomplish will one day be unexpectedly snatched way does not ‘sit good with you’ at all. “Face it; Life’s a bitch and then you die!” How many times has your mind wandered into a realm of the unanswerable? Then, before you can carry it to any satisfyingly decent result, you quickly fill it with meaningless distractions simply because you didn’t want to deal with the unanswerable reality.

“Has it happened yet?” A dissolving away of everything has haunted you for as long as you can remember but you didn’t know how to put words what you wanted to convey. “Has what happened?” Life, as you understand it, with its foreboding inexplicable uncertainties. Your one true motivation is directed from a sphere of esoteric knowledge of ineffable origin and yet you conduct your everyday affairs as if you are without a deeply ingrained knowing. Every action is presented upon the hour facing you in a useless attempt to escape from: “Prison of mind”, we as are all born into.

We are all doing time here on Earth, You can get with that, but you certainly don’t like the idea of dissolving away. When you really take the time and occasion to contemplate the fruits of dying, what do you conjure up? When you seek to understand your current life path, has it brought you any resolution you can live with? There is a place, you can go and know, without question, “…a peace that passeth all understanding…” (paraphrased) I can’t show it to you. You must find it for yourself. It’s not hidden. It’s in plain view. Everywhere you look, it’s right here! (In front of your eyes; you bump into it everyday.) Some may refer to it as: “Samadhi the blissful experience of plunging within – into the deep experience of your true self.” Others may express it as salvation, nirvana, oneness with God, unity of the soul, conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. But, no matter what authoritative term, you choose to use, you can KNOW the feeling of perfect tranquility.

In the case of young inquisitive competitive Charlie McRoy ‘s (An almost 12 year old boy) hair raising soul seeking adventure, in the book, Just Around The Corner along with Mandy Silversmith’s incompressible funny search for liberating truth in the play, Dr. Ben: The Name Doctor, both set the stage as the exhilarating platform for life’s deepest mysterious plots to unfold. Although they approach the search from two entirely different perspectives, each find decisive answers of tangible resolve. Charlie McRoy goes in search of a Genuine Red and White Sandblaster. He wanted to be the first one and only boy in town to have one. Since he does not come from a family of wealth, he will use the Sandblaster in the place of his own worth to generate respect. (So he believes.)

Mandy, (A 13 year old shy, introverted, paranoid girl) seeks for freedom from the need to impress and be impressed. Her inability to communicate is directly tied to her distinct repression and desire to be ‘good.’ They both learn by exploring the depths of their distinctive soul’s intent, that releasing the need to compete, compare and impress, enables them the profound liberty associated with ‘eliminating phoniness.’ Because they are able to explore the depths of themselves in a most ‘natural and convenient’ way, (as all people do) they are inevitably freed from the heavy burden of having to prove anything to anyone. When the need to be seen in a particular light is removed, the light of the supreme can shine without robbing the spirit of authentic action.

Mandy wants and needs to be free of her mother’s neurotic influence. She is so controlled by others and their opinions, it affects every thought and action she undertakes, to the point of not liking the sound of her own voice. She has very little self-identity, lives in a world of inaccessible dread. By not being able to trust her own natural instincts, she’s filled with constant self-doubt and self criticism. She longs for affection but is incapable of asking for what she needs. The obvious undeniable recognition that she alone possesses what she has needed, and it eludes her. She has become an object of distraction to herself and others. Instead of being able to interact and connect with others, she barricades herself in besieged isolation choosing the safety and security of her own familiar world rather than venture out into the unknown.

In these two books, both characters are searching for ultimate freedom. Not the freedom for oneself but from oneself. This kind of self-liberation comes about only through the plummeting fall into the dark night of the soul while on the soul-rendering predicament found in everyday normal living. The search begins with a recognition that ‘there’s just gotta be more than this.” And, then, realizing quite starkly and surprisedly that, “There is. It’s found in the ordinary circumstances of one’s everyday life.” Charllie McRaoy and Mandy Silversmith are but two examples of , “spinning of the magical thread” in effective communication. Successful communication is the deal for real. Use the Gemini moon for benefit. (Don’t go around the Mulberry bush) Speak your mind; not some else’s.


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