2012 – It’s Amazing

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May be it’s true, we cannot know.

The fact of being in knowledge of the future is not something possible for humanity, and that makes it unpredictable for us. We also cannot control some things to change the future. If something is gonna happen, we cannot stop it.


Are we really prepared for 2012?

I’m not talking about the movie, no. I’m talking about the experience, because a science-fiction movie will never show the things as they really are. Human imagination easily breaks any real limit, and we know that.

Just a few days ago (before i wrote this), i’d mistakenly visited a site reffering ‘2012’ that was advertised into a Google Adsense banner. I was inmediately regretful of the click i did. People, may be we can accept some kind of falsification in a movie, but, will we pay any quantity of our money to be protected of the 2012?

I don’t consider that. I repeat, if something is gonna happen, nothing can stop it, Nothing!

We don’t must spend our money in security books, guides and more! Our mind is enough to do our job and keep us safe of disaster, and, if we cannot keep us safe, there are many other people in the world (7 billion people) that can help us easily.

We don’t need any book or guide about the ‘how-to-be-safe’. That’s a big, big lie!

Of course, it’s true that the Mayan civilization said that the world will end in 2012 because their calendar ends in that year, but that is just a warning about what we’re doing with our planet, the unique planet that can keep the life and human kind in this solar system.

Please, enjoy your life. There are three years left, and many things are gonna happen in the future.


Don’t believe in all that exists in the Internet and other ways, we only can trust in the future and (of course) in the Mayans.

Let the things happen, and God will say what is gonna happen.

Good luck!


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