Review of (500) Days of Summer

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“This is not a love story.”  This is the starting sentence of the clever romantic drama by director Marc Webb, titled “(500) Days of Summer”.  In this movie, it starts out like any other boy-meets-girl love film, but throughout the movie, the dynamic changes and problems arise.  The two main protagonists, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), encounter in an elevator of their work, whether it be simple coincidence or fate, that is unknown.  But that encounter will change their lives forever, well, at least for 500 days, hence the movie title.  This spectacular movie is filled with great moments, incredible acting, carefully selected soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, and last but not least, top-notch directing.

The two actors chosen for this movie were simply amazing!  The chemistry between them was extremely heartening and it made the couple more likable, especially with Gordon-Levitt’s charm and witty comments which is infectious and Deschanel’s subtle, yet striking features complements her charismatic attitude.  I also must give credit to the supporting actors/actresses whom all did their part well-done, especially Tom’s two best friends, McKenzie (Geoffrey Arend) and Paul (Matthew Gray Gubler), along with his sister, Rachel Hansen (Chloe Moretz), who did a spectacular job as the knowledgeable cheeky younger sister.  Casting wise, the director did a great job and knew just who he needed for this unique film.

The soundtrack, an important factor in any movie, managed to complement the movie at just the right moments and with the right tracks.  Never was there a single moment in which the music was wrong.  Additional to the soundtrack was the sharp and clever dialogue which suited the two characters’ personalities flawlessly which made the situation and characters more real.

Alongside the soundtrack, comes the cinematography which is crucial to an indie film like this, where the scenery must compliment the tone of the scene.  The various locations chosen in the city as well as in the park and etc., were good choices as the mood went along with it.

This movie managed to draw a line between the stereotypical romantic comedies and one that stands on its own adding its own uniqueness to it.  The directing was simply amazing as Webb was able to manage the time jumps from past to present successfully and because of him, the movie ended up being a pleasant, heartfelt romantic comedy that is one of a kind.  This movie may not have the ending most people had hoped for, but it certainly contains a convincing and genuine story.


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