The Old Sayings (Proverbs) 15-21

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    15[1-5] A sensitive answer calms anger, but severe words only stir it up. The mouths of wise people use knowledge rightly, but the words of stupid people pour out stupidity. The eyes of Yahweh are everywhere, seeing the evil and the good. A clean mouth is life-giving, but an obscene mouth abuses the spirit. Stupid people hate their parent’s teaching, but those that consider a reprimand are sensible.

     [6-10] Great wealth is in the home of godly people; but much trouble comes with the income of sinful people. The words of wise people give knowledge, but there is no knowledge in the heart of stupid people. The contributions of the sinful are an insult to Yahweh, but the prayers of godly people please God. The ways of the sinful are an insult to Yahweh, but God loves those that follow after righteousness. Correction is dreadful to those that abandon God’s way, and those that hate correction will die.

     [11-15] If Hell and destruction are examined by Yahweh, how much more then are the hearts of people? The disobedient never love those that warn them, and they won’t go to wise people for advice. A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but the sorrow of the heart shatters the spirit. The hearts of those that have understanding seek knowledge, but the words of stupid people thrive on stupidity. All the days of abused people are horrible, but those that have a joyful heart continually indulge on good things.

     [16-19] It’s better to have little wealth with the respect of Yahweh than to have great treasure with much difficulty. It’s better to have a dinner of herbs where love is, than to have a side of beef and hatred along with it. Angry people stir up conflict, but those who keep calm will quiet down conflicts. The way of lazy people is blocked off like a hedge of thorns, but the way of godly people is a clear path.

     [20-23] A wise child makes a parent glad, but stupid children hate their parents. Stupidity is funny to those who have no wisdom, but those of understanding walk uprightly. Good intentions will fall through without counsel, but with wise advisors one’s purposes will come to pass. Their answers bring people joy: how good is a word spoken at just the right time!

     [24-27] To the wise, the way of life is to seek heaven above, so that they can escape from hell beneath. Yahweh will destroy the house of the arrogant, but God will establish the boundary of the single parent. The thoughts of the sinful are an insult to Yahweh, but the words of the innocent are pleasant. Those that are greedy for money will trouble their own household; but those that hate bribery will live.

     [28] The hearts of godly people think before answering, but the words of angry people pour out sinful things. Yahweh is far away from the sinful, but hears the prayers of godly people. Joy in the eyes makes the heart celebrate, and a good word brings health. Those who listen to the correction of life are wise people. Those that refuse training hate their own soul, but those that listen to correction receive understanding. The teaching of wisdom shows respect for Yahweh; but you must humble yourself before gaining honor.

    16[1-6] The plans of the heart and the answers of the mouth are from Yahweh. The acts of human beings may be right in their own eyes; but Yahweh tests the intentions of their spirits. Commit every thing you do to Yahweh, and your thoughts will be established. Yahweh, You’ve made all things for Yourself: yes, even sinful people for Judgment Day. All those who have arrogant hearts are an insult to Yahweh: though hand joins in hand, they won’t go unpunished.

     [6-9] By mercy and truth sin is removed, and by the respect of Yahweh people separate themselves from evil. When a person’s ways please Yahweh, even their enemies are at peace with them. It’s better to have little wealth with righteousness than great income without any right to it. People’s hearts plan their ways, but Yahweh directs all their steps.

     [10-15] The words of wise rulers make fair judgments: their mouths never speak with poor judgment. Honesty in business practices comes from Yahweh: every fair business decision is directed by God. It’s an insult to wise rulers to do evil: their reign is strengthened by righteousness. Leaders take pleasure in righteous words; and God loves those that speak rightly. The anger of rulers is like a death sentence, but a wise person will pacify it. Life is in the ruler’s expression; and the ruler’s grace is as a cloud bringing spring rain.

     [16-19] It’s so much better to get wisdom than gold and to get understanding rather than silver! The highway of godly people exits from the way of evil: those that keep going in the right direction will save their souls. Pride comes before ruin and an arrogant attitude before a downfall. It’s better to have humility of spirit with those of lower class, than to divide lots of money with the arrogant.

     [20-25] Those that handle a matter wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in Yahweh will find contentment. The wise-hearted will be called sensible and others will learn from their agreeable words. Understanding is a source of life to those that have it, but what stupid people learn is nothing but stupidity. The heart teaches wise people what words to say. Pleasant words are agreeable to the soul, and bring health to the body. Though sinful ways may seem right to a person, the end of it only leads to death.

     [26-30] Those that work, labor for themselves; for their hunger drives them. Ungodly people stir up evil, and their words are like an all-consuming flame. Sinful people start trouble, and gossips divide best friends. Violent people tempt their neighbors, and lead them into ways that aren’t good. They imagine sinful things, and use their words to bring the evil to pass.

     [31] Silver hair is a crown of glory, if it is gotten by living right. Those that are even-tempered are better than the powerful; and those that rule their own spirit than those who can take a whole city hostage. Though the coin is flipped by chance, the side it lands on is guided by Yahweh.

    17[1-4] A scrap of food with peace is better than a house full of provisions with conflict. A wise caretaker will manage a child that causes shame, and will have part of the inheritance among the children. Silver and gold are refined by heat, but Yahweh purifies the heart. A sinner listens to false words; and a liar listens to naughtiness.

     [5-8] Whoever ridicules the poor blames their Creator, and those who are pleased about other’s calamities won’t go unpunished. Grandchildren are the honor of elderly people; and parents are the glory of their children. A great speech doesn’t suit a stupid person any more than lying words do a ruler. A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of the one that has it: wherever it turns up, it prospers.

     [9-12] Those that overlook a sin seek love; but those that gossip about it can separate the closest of friends. A single correction enters more into a wise person than an hundred whippings into a stupid person. Evil people seek only rebellion, so an unmerciful spokesperson with bad news will be sent to them. A person is better off meeting a bear robbed of her cubs than meeting a stupid person with no sense.

     [13-15] Whoever returns evil for good, evil will remain in their house. The beginning of trouble is like when one releases water out of a dam: so shut off hateful words before they gush out. Those that justify sinful people and those that condemn the innocent, both of them are insults to Yahweh.

     [16-18] Why will a stupid person pay any amount of money to get an education, yet learn nothing from it? A friend loves unconditionally, while families are born for adversity. People with no understanding shake hands, and put up collateral for their friends debts.

     [19] Those that love sin also love conflict, and those that build high gates invite a break-in. Those who have sinful hearts find no good, and those who have obscene mouths get themselves into mischief. Those that bring along stupid people do it to their own sorrow, and the parents of a stupid child have no joy.

     [22] A merry heart is good for your health like medicine, but continual depression is like a slow death. Wicked people give bribes in order to obstruct justice. Wisdom is the aim of those that have understanding; but a stupid person’s eyes wander freely. Stupid children are a grief to their parents, and bitterness to those that gave birth to them.

     [26] It isn’t right to convict good people, nor to condemn officers for being fair. Those that have knowledge are careful with their words, and those of understanding are peaceful. Even stupid people that hold their peace are thought to be intelligent, and those that hold their tongues are believed to be people of understanding.

    18[1-3] Those that have set themselves apart search for wisdom and always brag about their knowledge trying to get what they want. Those who are stupid have no joy in understanding anything but their own heart. When sinful people come, then hatred also comes, and with their shame comes a reprimand.

     [4-8] The words of a person’s mouth are as dangerous as deep waters, but the wellspring of wisdom is like a flowing creek. It isn’t good to accept the word of a sinful person, in order to judge godly people and overthrow them. A stupid person’s words bring contention, and their mouths call for a whipping. The words of stupid mouths are the destruction and the trap of their own souls. The words of a gossip are as wounds, and cause ulcers to form in the inner parts of the belly.

     [9-12] Those that are lazy in their work are like those who waste things. The Name of Yahweh is a strong refuge: godly people will safely hide in it. The rich people’s wealth is their refuge; they are as a high wall in their own conceit. The hearts of people are haughty before their destruction; but humility must come before honor.

     [13-15] Those that answer a matter before they fully hear it, are stupid and it only brings shame on them. The strength of the spirit will sustain a person in illness; but a wounded spirit can sustain no one. The hearts of sensible people grasp knowledge and the ears of wise people listen for knowledge.

      [16-18] A person who brings a gift will gain entrance into the presence of great people. Those that take up their own cause first seem just; but their neighbor will come and investigate them thoroughly. The flip of a coin stops arguments, and decides between the most powerful.

     [19-21] An offended family member is harder to be won over than a whole city and their disagreements are like the bars of a mansion. A person’s belly will be satisfied by the substance of their own words; they are filled with the productions of their words. Life and death are in the power of one’s words, and those that love the words of their own mouth will suffer the consequences of them.

     [22-24] Whoever finds a spouse finds a good thing, and obtains the grace of Yahweh. The poor begs; but the rich answers them roughly. People that want to have friends must show themselves friendly, and God is a friend that sticks closer than blood kin.

     19[1-3] The poor who walk with integrity are better than those who are obscene in their words and act stupidly. It isn’t good for a soul to be without knowledge; and those who act hastily will sin. The stupidity of people makes their ways evil, and their hearts fight against Yahweh.

    [4-6] Wealth makes many friends; but the poor are separated even from their neighbors. A false witness that speaks lies won’t go unpunished, nor escape. Many will ask for the grace of a ruler, and everyone is a friend to those that give gifts.

     [7-9] If the whole family of a poor person hates them: how much more will their friends leave them? Even though they keep on calling them, they won’t be answered by them. Those that receive wisdom love their own soul: those that keep their understanding will find good. A false witness won’t be unpunished, and those that speak lies will eventually die and come to judgment.

     [10-12] It isn’t fitting for stupid people to enjoy themselves; much less for a subject to succeed to a position over a ruler. The good judgment of people holds back their anger; and it’s their glory to forgive a sin against them. The ruler’s anger is as the loud roaring of a lion; but their grace is as refreshing as the dew on the grass.

     [13-15] Stupid children are the misfortune of their parents, and the naggings of a spouse are like a continually dripping faucet. A house and riches are the inheritance of parents and a sensible spouse is from Yahweh. Laziness brings a deep sleep; and an idle person will suffer hunger.

     [16-18] Those that keep the commandments of Yahweh keep their own soul; but those that hate them will die. Those that give to the poor lend to Yahweh; and that which they have given, God will repay again. Chasten your children while there is still hope, and don’t let yourself spare them because of their tears.

     [19-21] People of great anger will suffer punishment, but if you save them from the consequences, you will have to do it over and over. Listen to counsel, and receive teaching, so that you can be wise in the end of your days. There are many plans in a person’s heart; nevertheless the words of Yahweh will stand.

     [22-24] People desire kindness, and a poor person has more kindness than a liar. The respect of Yahweh leads to life, and those that have it will remain satisfied and won’t be visited with evil. Content people pat their bellies, and won’t so much as bring their hand to their mouth again.

     [25-29] Punish a troublemaker, and the youthful will beware: warn those that have understanding and they’ll gain knowledge. Those that misuse and abuse their parents, chasing them away, are the children that cause shame and bring blame on them. Children, stop listening to false training that causes you to err from the words of knowledge. An ungodly witness mocks judgment, and the words of evil people thrive on sin. Judgment is prepared for troublemakers and whippings for the backsides of stupid people.

     20[1-3] Wine mocks people in the end and strong drinks make them rage. Whoever is deceived by alcohol is unwise. A fearsome ruler is as a roaring lion: whoever provokes one to anger sins against their own soul. It’s an honor for people to end quarrelling, but every stupid person will have the last word.

     [4-6] Lazy people won’t work because of the cold; so they’ll beg on payday, and get nothing. Counsel in the heart of a person is like water in a deep well; but those of understanding will draw it out. Most people will brag loudly about their own goodness, but who can find a faithful person?

     [7-9] People who are fair walk in their integrity and their children will be blessed by them. A ruler that sits in the seat of judgment makes a person stop their evil with a look of the eyes. Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am innocent from my sin?

     [10-12] Unequal pay and dishonest business practices are both an insult to Yahweh. Even children are known by their behaviors, whether their actions are innocent and right or not. Yahweh makes ears to hear and eyes to see.

     [13-15] Don’t love sleep, or you’ll come to poverty; open your eyes and you’ll be thankful for what you have. This is no deal, this is no deal, the buyers say, but when they leave, they brag to themselves that it was a real bargain. There is gold, and many rubies, but the words of knowledge are as precious as jewels.

     [16-18] Take the shirt off the back of those that guarantee a debt for an untrustworthy person: take a payment from them for the ungodly. The food of lies is sweet to people; but later their mouths will be filled with grit. All purposes are established by counsel, so only challenge someone with good advice.

     [19-21] Those that gossip reveal private matters: so don’t mix with those that use flattery. Whoever curses their parents, will be put out in obscure darkness. An inheritance can be gotten hastily at the beginning; but it won’t be blessed in the end.

     [22-24] Don’t say, I’ll get even for the evil done to me; but wait on Yahweh to save you. Unequal pay is an insult to Yahweh; and dishonest business practices aren’t good. A person’s direction is of Yahweh; so how can they then understand their own way?

     [25-27] It’s a trap to those that take of that which is holy, and only after making a promise, ask about it. A wise ruler makes the sinful flee, and destroys them. The spirit of a person is the light of Yahweh, which searches the innermost soul.

     [28-30] Mercy and truth saves rulers and their seats are upheld by mercy. Strength is the glory of young people, and the loveliness of elderly people is their grey heads. As the bruises of an injury disperses a wound: so a whipping cleanses the inmost soul.

     21[1-3] A ruler’s heart is in the hand of Yahweh; it turns according to the will of God just like the water in a river. A person’s ways may be right in their own eyes, but Yahweh considers their heart. Doing justice and having good judgment is more acceptable to Yahweh than making offerings.

     [4-6] A self-important look, and an arrogant heart, and the behaviors of the ungodly, are all sinful. The thoughts of the careful produce much; but those that are hasty will lack what they need. Treasures gotten by a lying mouth are useless to those who are insecure and only seek their own death.

     [7-9] The thefts of the sinful will destroy them; because they refuse to recognize right from wrong. The ways of people are sinful and shocking, but the acts of the innocent are right. It’s better to remain in a corner of the attic, than with an angry person in a fine house.

     [10-12] The soul of the sinful hopes for evil to happen to their neighbor and they have no grace for them. When the troublemaker is punished, the youthful are made wiser, and when sensible people are taught, they receive knowledge. Righteous people wisely consider the household of the sinful: because God overthrows them for their evil.

     [13-15] Whoever does not listen to the cry of the poor, will also cry, and won’t be heard. A surprise gift pacifies strong anger as a bribe in the pocket prevents punishment. It’s a pleasure to fair people to judge rightly, but destruction will come to those who practice sin.

     [16-18] Those that wander from true knowledge will live as the dead. Those that love pleasure, wine, and fine foods will be poor and not rich. The sinful will take the punishment for honorable and godly people.

     [19-21] It’s better to remain in the wilderness, than with a divisive and angry person. There are coveted treasures in the homes of wise people; but stupid people spend all their money on empty pleasures. Those that seek after righteousness and mercy will find life, justice, and honor.

     [22-24] A wise person overwhelms the confidence of a strong person. Whoever guards the words of their mouth keeps their soul from trouble. Those that act in prideful anger are arrogant troublemakers.

     [25-27] Lazy people refuse to work and their needs overwhelm them, while they greedily crave things all day long. But godly people give generously without sparing. The offerings of the sinful are an insult to God and all the more, when they bring it with lies.

     [28-31] Though a false witness dies the people that heard the matter will continue to tell it. Sinful people have stubborn faces, but godly people change their ways when convinced of a wrong. There’s no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel against Yahweh. Soldiers are prepared for the day of battle, but their safety is of Yahweh.


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