The Holy Bible: The Old Sayings (Proverbs) 8-14

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    8[1-9] Doesn’t wisdom cry out? And understanding call out? They stand in the top of the hills, and along the ways, crying out at the city limits, at the entrance of the city, at the opening of the doors of public places, saying: I call to all people; and my voice is to the children of humanity. You immature and stupid people: know wisdom and have an understanding heart. Listen; What I say will be good and excellent things. What I say is the truth; for evil is a disgrace to me. All my words are in righteousness; there’s nothing evil or obscene in them. They are clear to those that understand, and right to those that want to find knowledge.

     [10-13] Receive my instructions, and don’t seek money; seek knowledge rather than great wealth, for wisdom is better than expensive jewels and all the things that can be desired are no comparison. I, wisdom, live with responsibility and discover the facts of shrewd lies. The respect of Yahweh is to hate evil: I hate pride, arrogance, evil ways, and a lying mouth.

     [14-19] Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: My understanding has strength. By me, rulers reign and governments decree justice.  By me, those who rule in the governments, the dignitaries, and even all the judges of the earth, are in power. I love those that love me; and those that seek me while they are young will find me. Riches and honor are with me; yes, lasting riches and righteousness. My profit is better than gold, yes, than fine gold; and my income is better than great wealth.

     [20-31] I lead in the way of righteousness, clearly in the ways of good judgment, so that I can cause those that love me to gain assets; so that I can fill their treasuries. Before creation, I belonged to Yahweh. I existed from eternity, from the beginning, even before the earth was created. When there were no seas, I existed; when there were no rivers flowing with water, I came to be, even before the hills and mountains were settled. When God had not yet made the earth, or the fields, or even the smallest particle of the dust of the earth; when Yahweh prepared the heavens and set the extent of the oceans, I was there. When God created the clouds above and strengthened the sources of the oceans; when Yahweh gave the decree to the sea, that the waters shouldn’t pass its limits; when God appointed the foundations of the earth, then I was beside Yahweh, as one brought up with God and I was a daily joy, always rejoicing before the Creator; rejoicing in the habitable part of the earth; and my joy was with the children of humanity.

     [32-] Now listen to me, children: for I’ll bless those that keep my ways. Listen to my instruction, and be wise, and don’t refuse it. I’ll bless those that listen to me, all those that daily watch at my gateway, and wait at my doorposts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will obtain the grace of Yahweh. But those that sin against me wrong their own soul: all those that hate me will find death.

    9[1-12] Wisdom has built a House of God with seven pillars. The meat is ready, the wine is mixed, and the table is set. The maids have been sent out, who call out from the highest places of the city, Whoever is ignorant, let them turn in here, and as for those that lack understanding, they say to them, Come, eat the food of wisdom, and drink the wine it has mixed. Leave stupid people, and live; and follow the way of understanding. Those that try to warn an argumentative person will get shamed, and those that counsel a sinful one will be found guilty, so don’t warn troublemakers, or they’ll only hate you, but if you counsel wise people, they’ll love you for it. Teach wise people, and they become wiser: teach godly people, and they grow in learning. The respect of Yahweh is to open up the mind to wisdom, and to have the knowledge of the holy is to have true understanding. For by this wisdom your days will prosper, and the years of your life will be increased. If you are wise, you’ll be careful what you do, but if you show hatred, you alone will suffer for it.

    [13-18] An ignorant person is loud, stupid, and knows nothing, for they sit at the doors of their houses, in the prominent places of the city, to call to those who go by on their way, saying to them: Whoever is naive, let them turn in here, and as for those that lack understanding, they say to them, Stolen pleasures are sweet, and secret affairs are pleasant. But those stupid people don’t know that the dead are there; and that the guests of those houses are in the depths of hell.

    10[1-5] These are the sayings of Solomon. A wise child makes a parent glad, but a stupid one is a parent’s heartache. Riches gained from evil actions will profit nothing, but righteousness saves from death. Yahweh won’t allow the soul of godly people to suffer need, but God throws away the possessions of the sinful. Those that act carelessly become poor, but the hands of the hard-working grow rich. Those that work hard are wise, but those that sleep while there’s work to be done cause shame.

     [6-10] Blessings are on godly people, but violence is in the words of the sinful. The memory of godly people is blessed, but the name of the sinful will be forgotten. The wise of heart will receive instruction, but an unwise person who is accused will collapse under pressure. Those that walk uprightly walk unquestionably, but those that pervert their ways will be exposed for who they are. Those that play pranks, winking their eyes in jest, only cause trouble, but an unwise person who is accused will unexpectedly fall.

     [11-14] The words of a good person refresh the lives of those around them, but violence fills the words of the sinful. Hatred stirs up trouble, but love protects against all sins. Wisdom is found in the words of those that have understanding, but a good whipping is for the backside of those that have no understanding. The wise increase their knowledge, but the words of stupid people will soon bring destruction.

    [15-21] The wealth of rich people is their defense, but poverty destroys the poor. The actions of godly people bring life, but the practices of the sinful are evil. Those that keep the ways of a good up-bringing walk in the way of life, but those that refuse reprimanding greatly err. Those that hide hatred with lying words and character attacks are stupid. Sin is in many words, but those that refrain from speaking rashly are wise. The mouth of godly people is as great wealth: the hearts of the sinful are worthless. The words of godly people nourish many, but stupid people die for lack of wisdom.

     [22-26] The blessing of Yahweh makes people rich, and no sorrow comes with it. It’s amusing to a stupid person to do mischief, but those of understanding have good judgment. Whatever the sinful fear will come to pass, but the desires of godly people will be granted. The sinful will be wiped out as they would by a passing hurricane, but godly people have a strong foundation. As smoke is to the eyes or bitter drink to the tongue, so are lazy people to those that hire them.

     [27-32] The respect of Yahweh will prolong days, but the years of the sinful will be cut short. The hope of godly people will be joy, but the prospects of the sinful won’t last. The way of Yahweh is strength to godly people, but destruction will come to the sinful. Godly people will never be displaced, but the sinful won’t ever be established in the earth. The mouth of godly people is filled with words of wisdom, but the lying mouth will not have an answer. Godly people know what’s acceptable to say, but the words of the sinful speak nothing but empty lies.

    11[1-9] Deceptive business practices are an offense to Yahweh, but fairness is pleasing. When arrogance shows on a face, then shame follows, but those who have humility have wisdom. The integrity of godly people will be their guide, but the obsceneness of the sinful will destroy them. Riches won’t profit in the day of anger, but righteousness delivers from death. The goodness of the godly will direct their steps, but the sinful will fall by their own sins. The integrity of godly people will save them, but the sinful will be taken in their own naughtiness. When sinful people die, their prospects will die with them and their hope passes away. Godly people are freed out of trouble, and the sinful ones take their place. The words of hypocrites destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge, godly people are freed from their troubles.

     [10-13] The city rejoices when godly people do well, and when the sinful die, there’s a joyous outcry. Cities are dignified through the blessings of godly people, but they are overthrown by the words of the sinful. Those that lack wisdom hate their neighbor, but those of understanding hold their peace. A gossip reveals private matters, but those that are faithful conceal matters that are inappropriate to speak of.

     [14-19]Where there are no counselors, the people are overcome, but with ample counselors there is wellbeing. Those that act as a guarantor for the ungodly will pay for it, and those who don’t act as security have nothing to loose. Gracious people keep their honor, and powerful people retain riches. The merciful do well for their own soul, but cruel people trouble themselves. The sinful do lying things, but the righteous will certainly be compensated. As righteousness brings life, so those that pursue evil bring about their own deaths.

     [20-23] Yahweh is greatly offended by those that have sinful hearts, but those that have righteous ways are God’s pleasure. Though hand joins in hand, the sinful won’t be unpunished, but the children of godly people will have freedom. As a gold ring would be in a hog’s snout, so are attractive people that are without good judgment. Godly people desire good things only, but the prospects of the sinful are only violence.

     [24] There are those that abundantly give, and yet increase all the more; and there those that keep more than necessary, but it only leads them to poverty. The generous soul will be made plentiful, and those that restore others will be restored themselves. The people will curse those that horde food, but those that sell it to them will be blessed. Those that are careful to seek good will obtain grace, but those that seek mischief will find it.

     [28-30] Those that trust in their riches will fall like a winter leaf, but godly people will flourish as a budding branch in spring. Those that trouble their own family will inherit nothing but the wind, and for their stupidity, they will serve more intelligent people. The harvest of godly people is life-giving; for those that win souls are abundantly wise. Watch and see; if godly people are rewarded on the earth, how much more the ungodly sinners will be repaid in this life, as well.

    12[1-3] Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but those that hate to be corrected are rebellious sinners. Godly people obtain the grace of Yahweh, but God will condemn those that make sinful plans against others. People won’t be established by doing evil, and godly people won’t ever be uprooted.

     [4-8] Honorable mates are a blessing to their spouses, but those that make them ashamed are bitterness to their souls. The thoughts of the virtuous are right, but the advice of the sinful is lying. The words of the sinful are deadly condemnations, but the words of godly people bring life. The sinful will be overthrown, and will die, but the homes of godly people will remain. People will be praised according to their wisdom, but those who have perverse hearts will be hated.

     [9-12] Those that are virtually unknown but employ a servant are better than those that make pretense and have need. Righteous people consider the lives of their animals, but the mercies of the sinful are nothing but cruelty. Those that work hard will be satisfied with their pay, but those that follow people who make empty promises lack understanding. The sinful desire the profit of evil people, but the work of godly people pays well.

     [13] Sinful people are trapped in the sinfulness of their own words, but godly people will overcome their troubles. People will be satisfied with the good their words bring, and the reward of their work will be given to them. The ways of stupid people may be right in their own eyes, but those that listen to good counsel are truly wise. A stupid person’s anger is presently known, but a sensible person guards against the embarrassment of careless words. Those that speak truth demonstrate righteousness, but a liar demonstrates deceit. There are sinful people whose words pierce like a knife, but the words of wise people bring healthy emotions to everyone. The words of truth will be established forever, but a lying mouth is only briefly gratified. Falsehoods are in the hearts of those that imagine evil, but the counselors of peace have joy.

     [21-23] No permanent damage will happen to godly people, but the sinful will be filled with their fair share of hurt. Yahweh hates liars, but those that are truthful are God’s joy. A cautious person conceals knowledge until the right time to reveal it, but the heart of stupid people makes all its stupidity quickly known.

     [24-28] The hand of a hard-working person will be promoted to leadership, but lazy workers will always be controlled. Sadness in the heart of people overwhelms them, but a good word makes them glad. Godly people are more worthy of praise than their neighbors, but evil ways will seduce the sinful. Lazy people don’t roast what they take in hunting, but the substance of hard-working people is precious. Righteousness is the way to life; and in its path there is no death.

    13[1-3] Intelligent children hear their parent’s instructions, but the disobedient ignore the wisdom of their parent’s words. People will thrive well by the good their words bring, but the souls of the sinful will thrive on violence. Those that guard the words of their mouth will save their lives, but those that don’t know how to keep their mouths closed will destroy themselves.

     [4-9] The soul of the lazy desires everything and has nothing, but the soul of hard-working people will have plenty. Righteous people hate lying, but sinful people are hateful, and will come to shame. Righteousness keeps those that are good in the way, but evil overthrows the sinner. There are those that save up their money to become rich, yet they have nothing of real value, and there are those that give so sacrificially that they become poor, yet they have great riches. The rich will give all they have for a ransom to save their life, but the poor have no need of concern. The light of godly people burns brightly, but the fire of the sinful will be put out.

     [10-12] Conflicts come only by pride, but the well-advised have great wisdom. Wealth gotten by empty pursuits will disappear, but those that earn by working hard will increase their income. Hope postponed makes one sick at heart, but when the desired thing comes, it brings life-giving joy.

     [13] Whoever hates the Word of Yahweh will be destroyed, but those that respect the Word of God will be rewarded. The words of the wise are the way to life, to escape from deadly traps. Good understanding gives grace, but the sinful will have a hard life. All sensible people will argue knowledgeably, but stupid people expose their stupidity. A lying news bearer falls into mischief, but a faithful spokesperson is a great help. Poverty and shame will come to those that refuse instruction, but those that listen to correction will be honored. When a goal is reached, it is sweet to the soul, but stupid people don’t want to give up their evil ways.

     [20] Those that walk with wise people will become smarter, but a friend of stupid people will be destroyed by lack of wisdom. Evil chases after the sinful, but good will be returned to godly people. Godly people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the wealth of the sinful will be given to more honorable people. The poor make the food in their pantry last a long time, but there are those that famish by lack of judgment. The parents that neglect the discipline of their children don’t really care about them, but those that love them punish them when necessary. Godly people eat to the satisfying of their soul, but the belly of the sinful will hunger.

    14[1-4] Wise people build up their houses, but stupid people destroy them with their own hands. Those that walk in their honesty respect Yahweh, but those who have obscene ways hate God. A sign of pride is in the words of stupid people, but the words of wise people save them. A place is clean where there aren’t any animals, but wherever they are will prosper.

     [5-9] A faithful witness won’t lie, but a false witness will speak many lies. A troublemaker seeks wisdom, and doesn’t find it, but knowledge comes easy to those of understanding. Leave the presence of stupid people, when you don’t find the words of knowledge in them. The wisdom of the sensible is to understand their way, but stupid people are made stupid by their lying. Stupid people mock at sin, but godly people show grace to those who change their ways.

     [10-14] No one can know a person’s sadness but their own heart; and no one can intrude on someone else’s joy. The houses of the sinful will be overthrown, but the home of godly people will flourish. Sinful ways may seem right to people, but their end only brings death. Even in laughter, some hearts are sorrowful; and in the end, their partying is hopeless. The hearts of those who won’t change their ways will be filled with their own evil, and godly people will be satisfied with themselves.

     [15-19] Naive people believe every word they are told, but sensible people are cautious in their ways. Wise people fear and depart from evil, but stupid people rant and rave and are quite sure of themselves. Those who quickly get angry act stupidly, and those who make sinful plans are hated. The naive only acquire stupidity, but the sensible are rewarded with knowledge. The evil will be humbled before the good; the sinful are stopped at the gates of godly people.

     [20-24] The poor are hated even by their own neighbors, but the rich will have many friends. It’s a sin to hate your neighbor, but those that have mercy on the poor are happy. It’s wrong to make evil plans, but mercy and truth will come to those that plan good things. Any kind of working will bring income, but only talking about it leads to poverty. The reward of wise people is their riches, but thoughtless people are stupid.

     [25-30] A true witness frees souls, but a false witness speaks lies. The faithful have a strong confidence in Yahweh, and their children will have a safe place to live. The respect of Yahweh is the source of life, in which to escape from deadly traps. A ruler’s honor is in the number of people who give them their support, but a government is destroyed by a lack of people to support them. Those that are slow to anger are of great understanding, but those who are quick tempered show nothing but their own stupidity. A sensible heart brings life to the body, but envy makes one wastes away.

     [31-35] Those that oppress the poor blame their Creator, but those that honor God have mercy on the poor. The sinful are driven away in their evil, but godly people have the hope of eternal life even in their death. Wisdom rests in the heart of those that have understanding, but those that stay with stupid people will be shown to be stupid themselves. Righteousness brings honor to a nation, but sin is a shame to any people. Wise subjects will be favored by rulers, but the anger of rulers will be against those who cause shame.


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