The Holy Bible: The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapter 119-120

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     119[1-8] Those who walk purely in the way of the Word of Yahweh are blessed. Those that keep Your words, and that seek God with their whole heart are blessed. They don’t sin, because they walk in the ways of God. You’ve told us to carefully keep Your guidelines. Oh that my ways were always aimed to do what You tell me! When I have respect for all Your commandments then I won’t be ashamed. And when I’ve learned Your righteous judgments I’ll praise You with an honest heart. I’ll follow Your directions: oh don’t all together give up on me.

     [9-16] Young people cleanse their way by paying attention to Your Word. I’ve sought You with my whole heart: oh don’t let me wander from Your commandments. I’ve treasured Your Word in my heart, so that I won’t sin against You. You are blessed, oh Yahweh: teach me Your words. I’ve told of all Your judgments with my words. I’ve celebrated in the way of Your words, as much as in riches. I’ll think on Your guidelines, and have respect for Your ways. I’ll be joyful in Your words; I won’t forget Your Word.

    [17-24] Bless me, so that I can live, and keep Your Word. Open my eyes, so that I can see wondrous things from out of Your Word. I’m a foreigner in the earth; don’t hide Your commandments from me. My soul breaks all the time, longing for Your judgments. You’ve corrected those that are cursed, who err from Your commandments. Free me from accusations and hatred; for I’ve kept Your words. Leaders sat and spoke against me, but I reflected on Your words. Your words are my joy and my counselors.

      [25-32] My soul clings to the dust: revive me according to Your Word. I’ve confessed my ways, and You heard me: now teach me Your words. Help me understand the way of Your guidelines: so I can talk of all Your wondrous acts. My soul faints for heaviness: strengthen me according to Your Word. Remove from me lying ways, and graciously give me Your Word. I’ve chosen the way of truth and followed Your judgments. I’ve stuck to Your words, oh Yahweh, so don’t shame me. When You enlarge my heart, I’ll quickly go the way of Your commandments.

       [33-40] Teach me, oh Yahweh, the way of Your words; and I’ll keep it to the end of my days. Give me understanding, and I’ll keep Your Word, yes, studying it with my whole heart. Make me walk in Your commandments; for my joy is in them. Lean my heart toward Your words, and never to greed. Turn my eyes away from seeing worthless things; and revive me in Your way. Keep Your Word in me, the one who is faithful to You. Turn my shame away which I fear: for Your judgments are good. See, I’ve longed after Your guidelines, so revive me in Your righteousness.

       [41-48] Let Your mercies come to me also, oh Yahweh, even Your saving grace, according to Your Word, so I’ll have something to say to those that accuse me: for I trust in Your Word. And don’t take the word of truth out of my mouth all together; for I’ve hoped in Your judgments. So I’ll keep Your Word always and forever. I’ll walk in freedom, for I seek Your guidelines. I’ll speak of Your words before rulers, and won’t be ashamed. I’ll celebrate in Your commandments, which I’ve loved. I’ll lift up my hands to Your commandments also, which I’ve loved; and I’ll think about Your words.

       [49-56] Help me, Your worker, to remember Your Word, on which You’ve caused me to hope. This is my comfort in my misery: Your Word has revived me. People who think they are better than me have greatly disrespected me: yet I haven’t given up on Your Word. I remembered Your past judgments, oh Yahweh; and have comforted myself. I’m horrified by the sinful that give up on Your Word. Your Words have been my songs in the House of God though out life’s journey. I’ve remembered Your Name, oh Yahweh, in the night, and have kept Your Word. This I was able to do, only because I followed Your guidelines.

      [57-64] Oh Yahweh, You are my lot in life, so I’ve said that I’d keep Your Words. I asked for Your grace with my whole heart, so be merciful to me according to Your Word. I thought on my ways, and turned my ways to Your words. I didn’t delay, but quickly followed Your commandments. The evil gangs of people have robbed me, but I haven’t forgotten Your Word. At midnight I’ll rise to give thanks to You, because of Your righteous judgments. I’m a friend of all those that respect You, and of those that keep Your guidelines. The earth, oh Yahweh, is full of Your mercy: teach me Your words.

      [65-72] You’ve dealt with me well, oh Yahweh, according to Your Word. Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I’ve believed Your commandments. Even before I was abused, I went astray, but now I’ve kept Your Word. You are good, and do good things; so teach me Your words. People who think they are better than me have told lies against me, but I’ll keep Your guidelines with my whole heart. Their hearts are full of emptiness; but I have joy in Your Word. It has worked out for my good that I’ve been abused; because I learned Your words from my suffering. Your Word is better than a wealth of riches to me.

      [73-80] Your hands have created me and designed me, so give me understanding to learn Your commandments. Those that respect You will be glad when they see me; because I’ve hoped in Your Word. I know, oh Yahweh, that Your judgments are right, and that You have allowed me to be abused in faithfulness. Let Your merciful kindness, I pray, be for my comfort according to Your Word to me. Let Your tender mercies come to me so that I can live, for Your Word is my joy. Let those people who think they are better than me be ashamed; for they dealt harshly with me for no reason, but I’ll reflect on Your guidelines. Let those that respect You turn to me, and those that have known Your words. Let my heart know Your words well, so that I won’t be ashamed.

     [81-88] My soul faints for Your saving grace, but I hope in Your Word. I grow old as I wait for Your Word, saying, When will You comfort me? For I’m smudged like a bottle in the smoke; yet I don’t forget Your words. How long are the days of Your worker? When will You execute judgment on those that persecute me? People who think they are better than me, who don’t follow after Your Word, have tried to make me fall. All Your commandments are faithful, but they persecute me wrongfully; so help me. They almost took me from this earth; but I never left Your guidelines. Revive me out of Your love; so I’ll keep Your testimony.

       [89-96] Oh Yahweh, Your Word is forever settled in heaven. Your faithfulness is to all generations, for You’ve created the earth, and it’s still here. They continue today according to Your laws, for everything follows Your plan. Unless Your Word had been my joy, I would have died in my misery. I’ll never forget Your guidelines, for You’ve revived me with them. I’m Yours, save me; for I’ve searched out Your guidelines. The sinful have waited to destroy me, but I’ll believe Your words. I’ve seen all good things come to an end, but Your commandments outlast all of them.

       [97-104] Oh how I love Your Word! It’s in my thoughts all day long. You, through Your commandments, have made me wiser than my enemies, for they’re ever with me. I’ve understand more than all my teachers, because I think on Your words. I understand more than the wise ones of the past, because I keep Your guidelines. I’ve refrained myself from going any evil way, so that I can keep Your Word. I haven’t left from Your judgments, for it was You who taught them to me. How sweet are Your Words! Yes, sweeter than honey to the taste! Through Your guidelines I’ve come to understand, and so I hate every way that is untrue.

      [105-112] Your Word shines its light for my feet and brightens my pathway. I promised that I’ll keep Your righteous judgments, and I’ll do it. I’m abused very much: revive me, oh Yahweh, according to Your Word. Accept, I beg You, the offerings of my mouth, which are of my own free will, oh Yahweh, and teach me Your judgments. My soul is always at risk in my own hands: yet I don’t forget Your Word. The sinful have tried to trap me: yet I haven’t erred from Your guidelines. Your words I’ve taken as an inheritance forever, for they’re my heart’s joy. My heart is set to do Your words always, even to the end of my days.

      [113-120] I hate those who think themselves better than others, but I love Your Word. You are my refuge and my defense, so I hope in Your Word. Leave me alone, you evil people, for I’ll keep the commandments of my God. Keep me according to Your Word so that I can live and not be ashamed of my hope. Keep me, and I’ll be safe, and I’ll have respect for Your words always. You’ve crushed all those that err from Your words for the falseness of their lies. You throw away all the sinful of the earth like trash, so I love Your words. My body trembles for fear of You; and I’m afraid of Your judgments.

       [121-128] I’ve given good judgments and justice so don’t leave me to those who come against me. Be my security for good and don’t let those who think they are better than me put me down. I grow old waiting for Your saving grace, and for the word of Your righteousness. Deal with me according to Your mercy, and teach me Your words. Because I’m Your worker, give me understanding so that I can know Your words. It’s time for You to act, oh Yahweh, for they’ve made Your Word of no effect. I love Your commandments more than riches, yes, even more than the finest gold. I highly respect all Your guidelines concerning all the things which are right; and I hate every false way.

      [129-136] Your words are wonderful, so my soul keeps them. The opening of Your Word gives light, bringing understanding to the naive. So I expectantly waited, longing for Your Word. Yahweh, look on me, and be merciful to me, as You used to do to those that loved Your Name. Guide my steps by Your Word, and don’t let any sin have power over me. Free me from those who would keep me down, and I’ll keep Your guidelines. Let Your face smile on me, while You teach me all Your words. My eyes flow rivers of tears, because others don’t keep Your Word.

       [137-144] You are righteous, oh Yahweh and Your judgments are righteous as well. Your Words are righteous and true. I’m overpowered by my passion, because my enemies have forgotten Your Words. Your Words are perfect, so I love them. I’m insignificant and hated, yet I don’t forget Your guidelines. Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your Word is the truth. Trouble and grief have overwhelmed me, yet Your commandments are my delight. The righteousness of Your words is eternal, so give me understanding, and I’ll live.

       [145-152] I cried with my whole heart: Listen to me, oh Yahweh and I’ll keep Your words. I cried to You: Save me, and I’ll keep Your words. The dawning of the morning was slow in coming, and I cried: I hoped in Your Word. My eyes don’t sleep in the night as I think on Your Word. Listen to my voice according to Your love, oh Yahweh, revive me according to Your judgment. Those who try to cause trouble are chasing after me, being far from Your Word. You are near, oh Yahweh; and all Your Words are truth. I’ve always known that You’ve created Your words to last forever.

      [153-160] Think on my misery and save me, for I haven’t forgotten Your Word. Plead my case and save me; revive me according to Your Word. Your saving grace is far from the sinful, for they don’t seek Your words. Great are Your tender mercies, oh Yahweh, so revive me according to Your judgments. I have many who come against me, who are my enemies; yet I don’t reject Your words. I saw the sinful and was grieved, because they haven’t kept Your Word. Think about how I love Your guidelines, and revive me, oh Yahweh, according to Your love. Your Word is true from the beginning of creation, and every one of Your righteous judgments will last for eternity.

      [161-168] Leaders have abused me unjustly, but my heart is in awe of Your Word. I celebrate in Your Word, as one that finds great treasure. I hate and look down on lying, but I love Your Word. I praise You seven times a day because of Your righteous judgments. Those who love Your Word have great peace, and nothing offends them. Yahweh, I’ve hoped for Your saving grace and followed Your commandments. I’ve kept Your words, which I love very much. I’ve kept Your guidelines and Your words, for You know all my ways.

      [169-176] Let my cry come to Your hearing, oh Yahweh; give me understanding according to Your Word. Let my prayer be heard by You and save me according to Your Word. My words will speak Your praise, when You’ve taught me all Your words. My mouth will tell of Your Word, for all Your commandments are righteous. Let Your hand help me, for I’ve chosen Your ways. I’ve longed for Your saving grace, oh Yahweh; and Your Words are my joy. Let my soul live, and it’ll praise You; and let Your judgments help me. I’ve gone astray like a lost animal; find me, for I haven’t forgotten Your commandments.

     120[1-7] A Song of Ascents. In my trouble I cried to Yahweh, and God heard me. Deliver my soul, oh Yahweh, from lying words and lying mouths. What penalty will be given or what punishment will be done to those who lie? The consequence of their ways will be the weapons of their own mouths which destroy others. Why must I stay here, staying in this house? My soul has lived too long with those that hate peace. My aim is peace, but when I speak of it, they only want to fight.


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