How to Sell Fast on Ebay

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Almost everybody you know may be selling something on Ebay, they may need the money or maybe they just want to get rid of their personal stuff.  You may be wondering why some Ebayers sell their items fast and you don’t. You may ask yourself if there is a problem with your marketing strategy or perhaps with your products. Here are some ways on how to increase your sales in Ebay fast and easy. The following tips are just quick guides for the beginner seller.


Of course, one needs to register to Ebay first to be able to sell whatever you want to place in auction. You can choose your country and register to your country’s Ebay site. When choosing a name, make sure it is noticeable and professional sounding at the same time. Avoid using foul words or any names that would lessen your credibility as a seller.

Be specific with your keywords

Once you’re done with the registration process, it’s time for you to load the stuff you want to sell. On the upper right hand corner of the screen, click the sell button. The screen will then asks you what you are selling; choose the category that best describes your item.

The next page on the screen will then ask you the specifics of what you are selling like the brand, model and keywords. This will help the Ebay system place your item in the most appropriate category. This section is very important particularly the keywords. Make sure that your keywords are the ones that your potential customers will type if they look items similar to yours in Ebay.

A title that sells

The title is also a crucial part as it includes the information the buyer will see once he or she makes a selection. It is also important to keep your title specific and straightforward. Do not use unnecessary fillers, abbreviations and adjectives. Be honest as well. If your item is old and already used, don’t write that it is brand new. You can write “slightly used but good as new condition” instead. If you mislead buyers, your credibility is at stake and Ebay will also take note of this if a buyer complains. They may cancel your account.

Write a good description

When writing a description, avoid too large or too small font sizes. Do not be too flashy with your fonts as well. Make sure to do spell check first before submitting your item description. It should be free of spelling and grammar errors since it would most likely sell better than those descriptions that are poorly written. One common error is writing all caps. This is very unprofessional and may discourage buyers.

After the brief description, write your reason for selling it. You may need extra money or you are not using the item anymore. After the RFS (reason for selling), write down your preferred shipping, return policies and payment methods. Choose a cool layout as well as this will attract buyers to check your page.

Insure your items

When shipping items, make sure to purchase insurance on items with high values and get also your proof of shipping for large volumes of your items.

Feature your item

For a few dollars, it is recommended to feature your items that are more than $200. If more people will see your featured item, the more interested buyers will bid.


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