The Holy Bible: The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapter 90-100

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Book 4

    90[1-4] A Prayer of Moses, the Preacher of God. My God, You’ve been our resting place in all generations. Before the mountains were created, or before You had formed the earth and the universe, even from eternity, You are God. You turn us over to destruction; and say, Repent, you children of humanity. For a thousand years in Your sight is only as yesterday when it’s over, and only as a watch in the night.

     [5-10] You carry us away like in a flood; we’re just as if we’re asleep: in the morning we’re like grass which grows up in the night. In the morning it flourishes, and grows up; in the evening it’s cut down, and withers. For we’re consumed by Your anger, and by Your anger we’re troubled. You’ve exposed our sins; our secret sins are revealed in the light of Your countenance. For all our days are destroyed by Your anger: we spend our years as a repeated tale. We may live to be seventy years old; and if we’re strong, maybe eighty years, yet even in our strength, is nothing but pain and sorrow; for it soon passes, and our souls soar away.

     [11-17] Who knows the power of Your anger? Even those who respect You greatly fear Your anger. So teach us that our days are numbered, so that we can apply our hearts to know wisdom. Oh Yahweh, how long before You return to us? May You change Your mind when it concerns Your people. Oh reassure us with Your mercy soon, so that we can be glad and celebrate all our days. As many days as You’ve allowed us to be abused, and as many years as we have seen evil, make us happy. Let Your people see Your creations, and let Your glory appear to their children. And let the loveliness of Yahweh our God be reflected in our countenance, and may You establish the creations of our hands in us; yes, establish the creations of our hands.

     91[1-6] The One who inhabits the secret place of the Most High will be shaded by the Spirit of the Almighty. I’ll say of Yahweh, God is my safe haven and my fortress, my God; in whom I’ll trust. Surely God will save You from the trap of the hunter, and from the dreadful pestilence. God will protect You, and in the Spirit of God You’ll trust: the truth of God will be Your defense and weapon. You won’t be afraid of terror by night, or of weapons that shoot by day, or for the pests that crawl about in darkness; or for any destruction that ruins at noon.

     [7-16] A thousand will fall at Your side, and ten thousand on Your other side; but it won’t come near You. With Your eyes only, You’ll watch and see the punishment of the sinful, because You’ve made Yahweh, the Most High, who is my safe haven, Your resting place; No evil will befall You, nor will any deadly illness come near where You are, for the angels of God will have charge over You, to keep You in all Your ways. They’ll bear You up in their hands, if You should stump Your foot on a stone. You’ll stomp on the lion and the snake: the young lion and the dragon You’ll trample under foot. And God said, Because You’ve set Your love on Me, I’ll save You: I’ll bring You to heaven, because You’ve known My Name. You’ll call on Me, and I’ll answer: I’ll be with You in trouble; I’ll save You, and bring You honor. With eternal life I’ll satisfy You, and show You My salvation.

    92[1-5] A Hymn or Song for the Holy day. It’s a good thing to give thanks to Yahweh, and to sing praises to Your Name, oh Most High, on a stringed instrument, and on the lyre, and on the harp with a solemn sound, showing Your graciousness in the morning, and Your faithfulness every night. For You, oh Yahweh, have made me glad through Your actions: I’ll triumph in what You do. Oh Yahweh, how great are Your acts! Your thoughts are very deep.

     [6-9] A defiant person doesn’t know; nor does a stupid person understand this. When the sinful grow like grass, and when all those who practice sin flourish; it’s they who are destroyed forever: But You, oh Yahweh, are Most High forever. See, Your enemies, oh Yahweh, Your enemies will die; all those who practice sin will be scattered.

     [10-15] But You’ll lift up my strength like the horn of a unicorn and anoint me with fresh oil. My eye will see what I asked of my enemies, and my ears will hear what I wanted of the sinful that rise up against me. Godly people will flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that are rooted in the House of God of Yahweh will flourish in God’s house. They’ll still have children in their old age; They’re healthy and flourishing to show that Yahweh is righteous: God is my rock, in whom there’s no evil.

       93 [1-5] Yahweh reigns and is adorned with majesty; Yahweh is adorned with strength, which You restrain: the world is established also, so that it can’t be moved out of place. Your reign is established from everlasting: You are Eternal. The floods have risen up, oh Yahweh, the waters are roaring; the ocean waves rise up. Yahweh in heaven is stronger than the sound of many rushing waters, yes, than the strongest waves of the sea. Your testimonies are very certain: holiness adorns Your house forever, oh Yahweh.

    94[1-7] Oh Yahweh, God, to whom vengeance belongs; oh God, to whom vengeance belongs, show Yourself. Lift up Yourself, judge of the earth: repay the arrogant with their punishment. Yahweh, how long will the sinful, how long will the sinful triumph? How long will they talk and speak harsh things; and all those who practice sin brag about themselves? They destroy Israel, oh Yahweh, and afflict Your heritage. They slay the single parent and the foreigner, and murder the survivors’ children. Yet they say, Yahweh won’t see it, nor will the God of Israel care about it.

     [8-13] Understand, you defiant among the people, and you stupid ones; When will you get smart? Won’t the One that created the ear hear it? Won’t the One that formed the eye see it? Won’t the One that chastises the ungodly correct them? Won’t the One that teaches people knowledge know it? Yahweh knows the thoughts of all people, that they’re nothing. Those people that You discipline are blessed, oh Yahweh. You teach them out of Your Word, so that You can give them rest from the days of adversity, until the grave for the sinful is dug.

     [14-18] For You, Oh Yahweh won’t cast away Your people; neither will You give up on Your inheritance. But judgment will return to righteousness, and all goodhearted people will follow it. Who will rise up for me against the evil ones; or who will stand up for me against the sinful ones? Unless Yahweh had been my help, my soul had almost lived in silence. When I said, My foot is slipping; Your mercy, oh Yahweh, held me up.

     [19-23] In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Your comforts thrill my soul. Shall the reign of sin, which supports its mischief by law, have friendship with You? They gather themselves together against the souls of godly people, condemning innocent blood. But Yahweh is my defense; and my God is the foundation of my safe haven. God will bring on them the consequences of their own sin, and will destroy them in their own evil; yes, Yahweh our God will destroy them.

    95[1-7] Oh come, let’s sing to Yahweh: Let’s sing joyfully to the Rock who saves us. Let’s come into God’s presence with thanksgiving, making a joyful sound with hymns. For Yahweh is a great God, and Sovereign above all great ones. The deep places of the earth are in Your hands: the strength of the hills is Yours also. The sea is Yours, You made it, and Your hands formed the dry land. Oh come, let’s worship and bow down: Let’s kneel before Yahweh our maker. For You are our God; and we’re the sheep of Your pasture, and the lambs are cradled in Your arms.   

     [8-11]Today, if you’ll hear the voice of God, who says: Don’t be hardhearted, as the days of the provocation and temptation in the wilderness: As when Your parents tempted Me, proved Me, and saw My miracles. I was grieved forty long years with this generation, and said, These people err in their hearts, and they don’t know my ways: To whom I swore in my anger that they wouldn’t enter into my restfulness.

    96[1-6] Oh sing to Yahweh a new song: sing to Yahweh, all you people of the earth. Sing to Yahweh, bless God’s Name; Teach of God’s salvation everyday. Declare the glory of God among the ungodly, the wonders of God among all people. For Yahweh is great, and to be greatly praised: God is to be respected above all great ones, because worshiping any of the great ones of the nations is idolatry, but Yahweh made the heavens. Honor and majesty are God’s; strength and loveliness are in the House of Yahweh God.

     [7-13] People of every race give to Yahweh, yes, give to Yahweh glory and strength. Give to Yahweh the glory due to the Name of God: bring an offering, and come into the house of God. Oh worship Yahweh in the loveliness of holiness: all you people of the earth respect God. Tell the ungodly that Yahweh reigns, so that the world will be established and that it won’t be moved out of place; and God will judge the people righteously. Let the heavens celebrate, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and everything in it. Let the fields be joyful, and everything in them: then all the trees of the woods will celebrate before Yahweh, as well: for God comes, for God comes to judge the earth and will judge the world with righteousness and the people with truth.

97[1-6] Yahweh reigns; let the people of the earth celebrate; let the masses of the islands be glad of it. Clouds and darkness are around You: righteousness and judgment are the symbols of Your reign. A fire goes before You, and burns up Your enemies everywhere. Your lightning brightened the world: the people of earth saw, and trembled. The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Savior, at the presence of the Most Sovereign of the whole earth. The heavens declare Your righteousness, and everybody sees Your glory.

     [7-12] Let all those that worship other things and brag to themselves of their idolatry be confused: worship Yahweh God, all you great ones. Jerusalem heard, and was glad; and the children of Judah celebrated because of Your judgments, oh Yahweh. For You, oh Yahweh, are high above the whole world: You are praised far above all great ones. You that love Yahweh, hate anything evil, for God saves the souls of the saints of God, delivering them out of the hand of the sinful. Light is allotted for godly people and gladness for goodhearted people. Celebrate in Yahweh, you who are righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of God’s holiness.

    98[1-3] A Hymn. Oh sing to Yahweh a new song; for God has done awesome things: Your strong hand and holy arm have claimed You the victory. Yahweh, You’ve made known Your saving grace: You’ve openly shown Your righteousness in the sight of the ungodly. You’ve remembered Your mercy and Your truth toward the house of Israel: all the ends of the earth have seen how our God saves us.

     [4-9] Make a joyful sound to Yahweh, all you people of the earth: make a loud sound and celebrate, singing praises. Sing to Yahweh with the harp; with the harp, and the song of a hymn. With the sound of trumpets and cornet make a joyful sound before Yahweh, the Savior. Let the sea roar and everything in it; the world, and all those who live in it. Let the floods slap its waves: let the hills be joyful together because of Yahweh; for God comes to judge the earth; God will judge the world and the people with righteousness and with equality.

    99[1-5] Yahweh reigns; let the people tremble with the fear of the God who sits between the angelic creatures; let the earth be upset. Yahweh is great in Jerusalem; and God is exalted above all the people. Let us praise Your great and awesome Name, Yahweh, because it’s holy. The ruler’s strength is to love good judgment; You establish equality, You carry out good judgment and righteousness in Israel. We exalt You, oh Yahweh our God, and worship at the footstool of God; for You are holy.

     [6-9] Moses and Aaron were among their priests, and Samuel was among those that call on Your Name; They called on Yahweh, and You answered them. You spoke to them in the cloudy pillar, and they kept Your testimonies, and the ordinances that You gave them. You answered them, oh Yahweh our God: You were a God that forgave them, though You punished their evil behaviors. Exalt Yahweh our God, and worship at the holy hill; for Yahweh our God is holy.

     100[1-5] A Hymn of praise. Make a joyful sound to Yahweh, all you nations. Minister to Yahweh with happiness: come before the presence of God with singing. Don’t you know that Yahweh is God? You are the One that has made us, and not we ourselves; we’re God’s people, and the sheep of Your pasture. We enter Your House of God with thanksgiving, and into Your presence with praise. Be thankful to God, and bless the Name of God. Yahweh is good, whose mercy is everlasting, and whose truth will last to all generations.


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