The Key to a Great Sexual Relationship is Communication

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Everyone wants to have the best sexual relationship possible. But in order to do that they have to communicate. Is what is being done really what they want to do? Perhaps their turnons’ are different than what is being done. If you sit down and discuss or do it in bed, take the time to just converse about your sexual preferences. It is an important part of your life so why not see if their and your needs are being met. Perhaps you need to try something different to spice it up or take it up a notch. Perhaps try role playing, or power positions altered at different times, or tying up, or enhancements, toys, gels, or creams.Do whatever to please both.

Maybe you just need to spend more time on foreplay, touching, kissing, breathing on one another’s special areas, fingering, or just talking to one another intimately about what is going on at the specific time. Use pet names, affectionate lingo, caressing, hugging, kissing throughout the act. If you love this person show them physically. But be affectionate throughout the day not just when your wanting sex. Leave love notes throughout the house, call them from time to time, just to say “I Love You.” Send flowers, bring flowers home, ladies make special things for dinner they like, or do something for them they especially like, use your imagination.

Give each other massages, slow warm oil massages, talk soothing while your doing it, and tell them how much you love them. Take baths together, touch, hug, be affectionate. and just sit and chat about your days. It is a great place to share. Light candles, play soft music, use bubbles or scented oils or salts in the tub. Be romantic, and you both will gain in the long run.


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