The Holy Bible: The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapter 36-41

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    36 [1-4] To the first musician, A Hymn of David, the subject of Yahweh. I say in my heart, concerning the evil of sinners, who have no respect for God in their eyes: They flatter themselves in their own eyes, until people find out how disgusting their sin is. The words of their mouth are full of sin and lies: they have stopped trying to be wise, or to do anything good. They devise mischief on their bed, setting themselves up in ways that aren’t good; not hating evil.

     [5-9] Your mercy, oh Yahweh, is stretched out like the heavens; and Your faithfulness is as far reaching as the clouds. Your righteousness is as high as the great mountains; Your judgments are as deep as the oceans: oh Yahweh, You save both people and wild animals. How excellent is Your love, oh God! So the children of humanity put their trust in the shade of Your Spirit. They are abundantly filled with the goodness of Your House of God; and You’ll give them drink from the river of Your joy. You are the fountain of life: for it is by Your light that we see.

     [10-12] Oh continue to love those that know You; and give Your righteousness to goodhearted people. Don’t let the prideful come against me, and don’t let the sinful upset me. See there, those who practice sin have fallen down; and when they are down, they won’t be able to get up again.

      37[1-7] A Hymn of David. Don’t worry because of evildoers, or be jealous of those who practice sin, for they’ll soon be cut down like the grass, and withered as a dry herb. Trust in Yahweh, and do good things; so that you’ll remain in the land and not be hungry. Rejoice also in Yahweh; and God will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to Yahweh; trusting in God; and God will bring it to pass, and bring forward your righteousness and your judgment as the light of midday. Rest in Yahweh, waiting patiently: Don’t worry yourself because of those who prosper in their way, bringing sinful plans to pass.

     [8-15] Cease from anger, and give up your rage: Don’t allow yourself to do evil in any way. For evildoers will be uprooted, but those that pray to Yahweh, will inherit the earth. Just a little while longer, and the sinful won’t exist: yes, you’ll carefully consider their place, and it won’t exist. But those who have humility will inherit the earth; and will enjoy themselves in an abundance of peace. The sinful plot against good people, and grit their teeth at them. My God will laugh at them: for God sees that their day is coming. The sinful have drawn out blades, and have weapons ready, to oppress the poor and needy, and to slay those of righteous behavior. Their blade will enter into their own heart, and their weapons will be broken.

     [16-22] A little that a good person has is better than the riches of many sinful people. The sinful will lose their control, but Yahweh upholds godly people. Yahweh knows the days of godly people, and their inheritance will be forever. They won’t be ashamed in evil times, and in the days of need they will be satisfied. But the sinful will die, and the enemies of Yahweh will be as a burning field: They will be consumed by smoke, and die out. The sinful borrows, and doesn’t pay it back, but godly people show mercy, and give. For those who are blessed will inherit the earth; and those that are cursed will be uprooted.

     [23-28] The steps of godly people are ordered by Yahweh, who delights in their way. Though they fall, they won’t be all together disheartened: for You, oh Yahweh uphold them with Your strong hand. I’ve been young, and now I’m old; yet I haven’t seen godly people given up on, or their children begging for food. They are ever merciful, and lend to those in need; and their children are blessed. Depart from evil, and do good things; and live forever, for Yahweh loves good judgment, and doesn’t give up on the people of God; they are saved forever, but the children of the sinful will be uprooted.

     [29-34] Godly people will inherit the land, and remain in it forever. The mouth of godly people speaks wisdom, and their words have good judgment. The word of God is in their heart; so none of their steps will slip. The sinful watch godly people, and seek to destroy them, but Yahweh won’t leave them in their hand, nor condemn them when they are judged. Wait on Yahweh, and keep your way, and God will uplift you to inherit the land when the sinful are uprooted; Wait, you’ll see it.

      [35-40] I’ve seen the sinful in great power, and spreading themselves like an evergreen tree. Yet they passed away, and weren’t there anymore: yes, I sought them, but they couldn’t be found. Mark the godly, and watch them: for those people will end with a peaceful life. The sinful will be destroyed together in the end: they’ll be completely uprooted. But the salvation of godly people is of Yahweh: You are their strength in the time of trouble. Yahweh, You’ll help them and save them: You’ll save them from the sinful, and free them, because they trust in You.

    38[1-7] A Hymn of David, to bring to remembrance. Oh Yahweh, don’t reprimand me in Your anger or discipline me in Your heated rage. For You pierce my soul and Your hand puts great pressure on me. There’s no wellness in my body because of Your anger; nor is there any rest in my body because of my sin. For my sins are over my head: as a heavy load, they are too heavy for me. My wounds have a stench and are rotten because of my stupidity. I’m troubled; I’m humbled greatly; I go about mourning all day long. For my insides are filled with a loathsome disease, and there’s no soundness in my body.

     [8-12] I’m very tired and broken: I’ve moaned because the bitterness of my heart. My God, all my requests are before You; and my complaints aren’t hidden from You. My heart pants, my strength fails me: as for the light of my eyes, it’s gone from me. My lovers and my friends stand away from my sores; and my kin people stand far off, as well. Those who seek after my life set traps for me, and those that seek to hurt me speak mischievous things, while planning their lies all day long.

     [13-22] But I, as a deaf person, didn’t hear; and I was as a dumb person that doesn’t speak. So I was as those that don’t hear, and in whose mouth is no shame. For I hope in You, oh Yahweh: You’ll hear, oh Yahweh, my God. For I said, Listen to me, or they’ll celebrate over me: whenever my foot slips, and magnify themselves against me. For I’m ready to break, and my sorrows are continually before me. So, I’ll tell of my sin; I’ll be sorry for my sin. But my enemies are lively and strong, and those that hate me are wrongfully multiplied. They that give back evil for good are also my enemies; because I follow the things that are good. Don’t leave me, oh Yahweh: oh my God, don’t be far from me. Help me quickly, oh my God, my salvation.

39[1-5] To the first musician, a laudatory, A Hymn of David. I said, I’ll be careful of my ways, that I don’t sin with my mouth: I’ll keep my mouth as if it was harnessed with a bridle, while the sinful are before me. I was dumb with silence, I held my peace, even from speaking good things; and my sorrow troubled me. My heart was hot within me, and while I was thinking, I burned with fury and then spoke, Yahweh, make me to know my end, and the length of my days, whatever it is;so that I can know how frail I am. See, You’ve made my days short; and my age is as nothing before You: everyone at their best state is altogether dying. Selah!

     [6-11] Surely everyone walks in an arrogant show, uselessly storing up riches, not knowing who will get them. And now, my God, what do I wait for? My hope is in You. Deliver me from all my sins: don’t make me the blame of stupid people. I was dumb, and didn’t open my mouth; because it was You who did it. Remove this punishment from me, for I’m consumed by the blow of Your hand. You make attractiveness consume away like a moth eaten piece of clothing, when with a reprimand, You correct people for sin, and surely everyone is worthless. Selah!

     [12-13] Listen to my prayer, oh Yahweh, and hear my cry; don’t hold Your peace at my tears: for I’m like a stranger with You, and a wanderer, as all my ancestors were. Oh spare me, so that I can recover my strength, before I die, and live no more.

      40[1-4] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. I waited patiently for You, oh Yahweh; and You listened to me, and heard my cry. You brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the muddy clay, and set my feet on a rock, and established my way. You’ve put a new song in my mouth, even praises to my God: many will see it, and be warned, and will trust in Yahweh. Blessed are the people who make Yahweh their trust, and don’t favor the arrogant, nor those who turn aside to lies.

     [5-10] Oh Yahweh, my God, many are the wonderful acts which You’ve done, and Your thoughts which are toward us cannot be recalled in order to You: for if I tried to tell them all, they’re more than I can count. You didn’t want sacrifice and offerings; You’ve opened my ears: sacrifice and offerings You never required. Then I said, See, I come: in the volume of the book it’s written of me, I enjoy doing Your will, oh my God: yes, Your words are within my heart. I’ve preached righteousness in the great congregation, not refraining my words, oh Yahweh, for You know it. I haven’t hid Your righteousness in my heart; I’ve declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation: I haven’t concealed Your love and Your truth from the great congregation.

     [11-17] Don’t withhold Your tender mercies from me, oh Yahweh: let Your love and Your truth continually save me. More evils than I can count have overtaken me, my sins have taken hold of me so that I’m not able to look up; They are more than the hairs of my head, so my heart fails me. Be pleased, oh Yahweh, to save me: oh Yahweh, hurry to help me. Let those who seek after my soul to destroy it be ashamed and confused; let those that wish evil on me be driven back and put to shame. Let those that say to me, Aha, aha be deserted for the punishment of their shame. Let all those that seek You celebrate and be glad in You: let those who love the fact that You’ve saved them say continually, oh Yahweh, let us make you known. But I’m poor and needy; yet my God thinks of me: You are my help and my deliverer; don’t be long, oh my God.

     41[1-3] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Blessed are those that have compassion on the poor:  Yahweh will save them in their time of trouble. Yahweh will save them, keeping them alive and blessing them on the earth, and won’t abandon them to the will of their enemies. Yahweh will strengthen them on the bed of suffering, making up their beds in sickness.

     [4-8] I said, oh Yahweh, be merciful to me: heal my soul; for I’ve sinned against You. My enemies speak evil of me, so when will they die and their name die out? And if they come to see me, they speak arrogant lies, collecting sins in their hearts, and when they go away, they tell it all. All that hate me whisper together against me, devising my hurt. They say that an evil disease is clinging to me; and now that I’m sick, they say I’ll rise up no more.

     [9] Yes, even My own close friend that I always trusted in, which ate of My food, has risen up against Me. But You, oh Yahweh, be merciful to Me, and raise Me up, that I can avenge Myself of them. By this I know, that You are gracious to Me, because My enemies won’t triumph over Me. And as for Me, You uphold Me in My integrity, and set Me before Your face forever. Blessed be Yahweh, God of Israel, from eternity, to eternity. Amen and Amen.


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