The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapters 11-20

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     11[1-3] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. In Yahweh I put my trust, so why do you say to me, “Fly away like a bird to the mountaintop?” See, the sinful get their weapons ready, taking aim, so that they can secretly shoot at godly people. If they won’t fight fair, what can godly people do?

     [4-7] Yahweh, whose eyes see and watch the children of humanity, is in the holy House of God; yes, Yahweh’s throne is in heaven. Yahweh tests godly people, but hates the sinful and those that love violence. Yahweh will rain fire and burning sulfur with a horrible downpour to catch the sinful, which will be what they deserve. Yahweh, who isn’t prejudiced, loves fairness; Certainly, God’s face sees godly people.

     12[1-4] To the first musician on lyre, A Hymn of David. Help us, oh Yahweh; for the godly people are disappearing and the faithful are dying out from among the children of humanity. Evil people lie to their neighbors, talking with flattering words and a double heart. Yahweh will shut up all flattering words, and mouths that speak meaningless things, who have said, We’ll win with our mouths; nothing but our own words rule over us!

     [5] Yahweh says, Now I’ll awake, because of the oppression of the poor and the sighing of the needy, and I’ll make them safe from those that take advantage of them. The words of Yahweh are good words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, that has been purified seven times. You’ll keep Your word, oh Yahweh; You’ll save them from this evil generation forever. When evil people are in power, the evil ones are everywhere.

     13[1-2] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Will You forget me forever, oh Yahweh? How long will You hide Your face from me? How long will I counsel myself, my heart daily sorrowing? How long will my enemies have power over me?

     [3-6] Listen to me and consider, oh Yahweh, my God: lift up my eyes, before I die, or my enemy might say, I’ve won against you; and those that abuse me celebrate when I am gone. But I’ve trusted in Your mercy; and my heart will celebrate in Your salvation. I’ll sing praises to Yahweh, because You’ve been gracious to me.

     14[1-3] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Stupid people have said in their heart, “There is no God.” They’re evil, and have done horrible things; none of them does any good. Yahweh looks down from heaven on the children of humanity, to see if anyone understands, and searches for God. They’ve all turned away, and are all together filthy. No one does any good; no, not even one.

     [4-7] Are all those who keep on sinning stupid, who consume my people like eating a piece of bread, and never call on Yahweh? They are in great fear: for they know God only stays with godly people. The sinful shamefully disgrace all the plans of the poor, but Yahweh is their safe haven. Oh that the saving of Israel would come out of Jerusalem! When You, oh Yahweh, bring freedom back to Your people, they will all be glad and celebrate.

    15[1-5] A Hymn of David. Yahweh, who will grace Your House of God? Who will stay on Your holy hill? Those that are faultless, acting well, and who have honest hearts; Those that don’t backstab, nor act badly toward their neighbor, nor accuse their neighbor falsely; and in whose eyes evil persons are judged as evil; but those that respect Yahweh are honored; Those that keep their promises without changing their minds, even when it hurts them; Those that lend out their money without charging interest, and don’t take bribes against the innocent; Those that do these kinds of things will never be disturbed.

16[1-4] A Poem of David. Keep me safe, oh God: for I place all my trust in You. Oh my soul, you’ve said to Yahweh, “You are my God: my goodness is nothing without You; But all my joy is in the worthy ones, the saintly people, who are here on earth.” Those who make other things their idols will have much sorrow: I’ll never taste what they offer, nor speak their names with my mouth.

     [5-11] Yahweh is my inheritance and my reward: You always keep what I’ve earned safe. The boundary lines are set for me in pleasant places; yes, I’ve a very good heritage. I’ll bless Yahweh, who counsels my heart all night long. I keep Yahweh always before me: God is at my side, so I won’t be disturbed. So my heart is glad and my soul rejoices: my body will rest in hope also; for You won’t leave My soul in hell; nor will You let Your Holy One decay. You’ll show me the path of life: in Your presence is complete joy; at Your side is everlasting pleasure.

     17 [1]A Prayer of David. Listen, oh Yahweh, pay attention to my righteous cry, hear my prayer, words that aren’t made in pretence. Let me be judged in Your presence; let Your eyes see that things are fair. You’ve proved my heart; You’ve visited me in my dreams; You’ve tried me, and have found nothing; I’ve settled in my heart that my mouth won’t sin. By Your word, I’ve kept myself from the ways of the devil, as I considered the words of other people. Keep me going in Your ways, so that my footsteps are sure.

     [6] I’ve called on You, because I know You’ll listen to me, God: so listen to me, and hear my prayer. Show Your awesome loving kindness, God, who saves by Your strong hand those who put their trust in You, from all those that rise up against them. Let me be favored in Your sight and hide me in the shade of Your Spirit, from the sinful who oppress me and from the deadly enemies that surround me. They speak arrogantly with their stubborn hearts. They’ve overcome me in my steps: crouching low; like young lions greedy for prey, and as if they were stalking in hidden places.

     [13-15] Awake, oh Yahweh, disappoint them and overthrow them: save my soul from the sinful by Your judgment, from people which are in Your power, oh Yahweh, from the people of the world which have their portion in this life and whose belly You’ve filled with good things, who having many children, leave the rest of their inheritance to their grandchildren. As for me, in righteousness I’ll see Your face, and be satisfied when I awake with Your likeness.

     18[1-3] To the first musician, A Hymn of David, the child of God, that spoke to Yahweh the words of this song in the day that God delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul, who said, “I love You, oh Yahweh, my strength.” Yahweh, You are my rock to stand on, and my refuge which surrounds me, and my deliverer from my enemies; my God, my strength, in whom I trust; my belt that protects me, the horn I blow to save me, and my safe haven. I’ll call on Yahweh, who is worthy to be praised: so I’ll be saved from my enemies.

     [4-15] The sorrows of death overtook me, and the rush of ungodly people made me afraid. The sorrows of hell overtook me: the traps of death captured me. In my distress I called on Yahweh, and cried out to my God, who heard my voice out of the House of God, and listened to my cry. Then the earth quaked; the foundations of the hills were opened and shaken, because God was angry. Then God exhaled smoke and fire, in which the flames consumed everything ignited by them. God opened the heavens, coming down with dark smoke underneath, riding on a heavenly thing, and flying on the wind, making darkness the hiding place of God, with a cloak of dark waters and the thick clouds of the skies all around. But the brightness that surrounded God was followed by the thick clouds that passed, with hail stones and flashes of lightening. The noise of Yahweh rumbled in the heavens, and then the voice of the Most High God spoke through the hail stones and flashes of light. Yes, God sent out bolts of electricity, scattering the enemies, shooting out like flashes of lightning, and destroyed them. Then the outlets of water were seen, and the heart of the earth was uncovered at Your word, oh Yahweh, from the release of Your exhaust.

     [16-24] God sent from above, taking hold of me, and drawing me up out of much water, delivering me from my strong enemies, and from those who hated me, which were too strong for me, and who had shamed me in the day of my misfortune, but You, oh Yahweh, were my stay. You brought me out into a large place and delivered me, because You delighted in me. Yahweh, You rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my heart You’ve repaid me, because I’ve kept the ways of Yahweh, and haven’t done evil by leaving off worshiping my God. For all Your words were with me, and I didn’t put any of them away from me. I was also righteous before You, and I kept myself from my sin. So You, oh Yahweh, have repaid me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my heart in Your eyes.

     [25-30] With the merciful, You show Yourself to be merciful; with the righteous You show Yourself to be perfectly righteous; With the blameless You show Yourself to be blameless; and with those who won’t change their ways You’ll show Yourself to be unmercifully just. For You save the people who are abused; and bring down the arrogant looks of others. You burn like a candle in my soul: Yahweh, my God, brightens my darkness. For by You I’ve run through a multitude of enemies; and by my God I’ve leaped over many barriers. The way of God is perfect: the words of Yahweh have been tried: You are a covering to all those that trust in You.

     [31-40] For who is God but Yahweh? or who can be a rock but our God? God provides me with strength, and makes my way perfect. Yahweh makes my feet like a deer’s hoofs, and keeps me safe on my mountaintops. God teaches my hands to fight, so that my arms are strengthened. You’ve also covered me with Your saving grace, Your hand holds me up, and You come to my aid to make me great. You’ve multiplied my steps under me, so that my feet have never slipped. I’ve pursued my enemies, and overtaken them and I didn’t retreat until they were all gone. I’ve wounded those that weren’t able to rise, who were fallen under my feet. For You’ve provided me with the strength for all my struggles: You’ve subdued under me those that rose up against me. You’ve also given me the rulers of my enemies; that I might destroy those that hate me.

     [41-45] They cried, but there was none to save them: they even cried to Yahweh, but You didn’t answer them. Then I beat them as small as the dust before the wind and I threw them out as dust in the street. You’ve delivered me from the hostility of those people; and You’ve given me control over them: a people that I never would have thought would be subject to me. As soon as they hear of me, they obey my orders: the ungodly submit themselves to me. The ungodly will lose heart, and be scared out of their hiding places.

     [46-50] Yahweh lives; my rock is blessed; let praise come only to the God who saves me. It’s God that avenges me, and subdues people under me. You free me from the oppression of my enemies: yes, You lift me up above those that rise up against me: You’ve taken me away from violent people. So I’ll give thanks to You, oh Yahweh, among the people, and we’ll sing praises to Your Name. You give great freedom and mercy to Your anointed ruler, David, and to his descendants forever.

      19[1-6] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the environment reveals all Your creations. Daily, its story is told, and nightly it shows all its wondrous knowledge. There’s no dialect or language, where it can’t be understood. Its announcement goes out through all the earth and calls out to the end of the world. You’ve set in it a covering for the light, which is as a bridegroom coming out of the wedding chamber, and rejoices as a champion running a race, going from one end of heaven to the other, its course all the way to the end of the sky, and nothing is untouched by its rays.

     [7-10] The Word of Yahweh God is perfect, changing the soul: the commandments of Yahweh are sure, making the naive wise. The decrees of Yahweh are right, rejoicing the heart: the testimony of Yahweh is pure, enlightening the eyes. The respect of Yahweh is holy, enduring forever: the judgments of Yahweh are completely true and righteous. They are to be desired more than gold, yes, more than much fine gold: They are sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.

     [11-14] Likewise, by them are Your children warned, and there’s great reward in the keeping them. Who can understand their own errors? Cleanse me from my unknown faults. Keep me from the sins that I keep on doing also; don’t let them have power over me: then I’ll be righteous, and I’ll be innocent from great sins. Let the words of my mouth, and the prayers of my heart, be acceptable in Your sight, oh Yahweh, my strength, and my redeemer.

    20[1-5] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Let Yahweh hear you in the day of trouble; Let the Name of God defend you; sending you help from the House of God, and strengthening you out of Jerusalem; and remember all your offerings, fully accepting your holy sacrifices; Selah! May Yahweh give you the hopes of your heart, and perfect all your plans. We’ll celebrate when you’re saved, and set up our signs in the Name of our God: May Yahweh God give you everything you ask for.

     [6-9] Now I know that You save Your anointed and will answer from the holy heavens with a strong hand of lifesaving strength. Some trust in armored vehicles, and some in a swift means of transportation, but we’ll trust in the Name of Yahweh, our God. They are fallen down, but we are raised up, and will stand firm in righteousness. Give victory, oh Yahweh, let the leader hear us when we call.


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