Legitimate Online Freelance Opportunties: Start Making Money Today

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You can earn money with legitimate online freelance writing places but you have got to go to the right source. With so many out there, there are a few that rank high among freelance writers with a happy compensation program. On Demand Studios, Associated Content, and Elance are the best freelance writing online sites out there that you can sign up for with no to minimal start up cost.

Associated Content is a great place to start and has been ranked high by freelance writing standards. You can write on any topic you choose so long as it fits the site’s guidelines and policy requirements. Earn money through their compensation program; the key is to write as many articles as you can as they will pay you upfront (one of the options) after your article is reviewed & approved. You may also write on topics that the Associated Content team already has openings for. You are not just limited to article, but you can submit videos and photos slides as well and earn just as much cash. You may also qualify for their performance program where you earn additional monies for every 1,000 times your article is viewed.

On Demand Studios is another excellent freelance writing gigs that many professional writers and journalist turn to. But don’t let the word professional scare you off, many people without these credentials can become accepted if they have a resume and professional writing samples that can showcase their skill. The pay for On Demand Studios can be very lucrative if you work your time right. Freelance writing gigs like these can become a full time job if you commit to working on a schedule; many people who have done well can earn $50,000+ just by turning in a certain amount of well written and well cited articles per week.

Online freelance writers can benefit from the subscription based Elance website where you must pay a membership fee of $30 to subscribe (their basic package). For many, it is well worth it as you can earn what you invested and them some. Elance gives freelance writers the chance to set up their own “store front” or profile and bid on projects and writing assignments that are of some interest to them. Your elance store front also allows you to advertise your own products and services which can give you a strong potential customer base.

Elance.com is a major winner because it is secured by the Better Business Bureau. Elance.com will help dedicated and serious freelance writers find big time work, or shall I say projects, that pay 5 times higher than the average article/project is worth.


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