Fun Ways to Bond With Your Baby

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Parents and children bond best when they are relaxed, devoting all of that moment and time to one another. As parents, there is so much that you can learn about the way your child interacts with you and their sweet personalities. Whether you are a busy active mommy being spread in many different directions, or a dad just trying hard to keep up with your children, there are several ways you can make your time with your kids a fun learning experience.

There is this really cool interactive video called It’s Hip Hop Baby, which has been all the rage with families. Mainly geared towards toddlers and preschoolers, 2 yrs. to 5 yrs, Hip Hop Baby teaches children everything from their numbers to their body parts. Hip Hop Baby is fun not only for children, but for parents as well. Help your baby develop their listening skills and enhance their cognitive development through dance and song. After all, studies have consistently shown that children do learn best through fun interactive activities. So jump in and goof around while teaching your child to love learning.

Your Baby Can Read is another excellent resource that can stimulate a baby’s cognitive ability while teaching them to read. Many skeptics who have not started the program may vehemently doubt the outstanding results. But in all honesty, Your Baby Can Read is a real program that actually works doing absolutely no harm to your child’s learning ability. There are several conflicting reviews Your Baby Can Read, but the overall experience has been a positive one from parents.

Overall, to get the full benefits from the program, it is highly suggested that parents play a heavy role by doing the reading exercises with their baby. It is not tedious homework, and the DVD quality is not the best, the interaction that parents have with their child as they learn is certainly valuable. Babies overall have a great time when the parents are interactive with them. Babies learn best with parental interaction, it becomes fun for them, only enhancing the bond between baby and parent.

While these two major learning DVD’S allow you to have fun with your baby, doing the most simple stuff with your child can be the most rewarding. Babies love spending time with you, so devote that moment of time with them, just for them and no one else. Reading to your child, dancing with a doting baby, or simply just being there, in the moment, with your baby can be the best thing for you and them!


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