Four Haunted Places in New York

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Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Ghostly apparitions and poltergeist activity have been a regular occurrence in Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Founded in 1879 in Manhattan and created by the same architect who designed New York’s city hall. Its tall stained windows and high set arches are said to hold a secret. It is believed that the Bishop Dubois was buried beneath the main archway at the entrance of the church. His ghost has been seen on a regular basis floating around the chapel, keeping an eye on the parish that he left behind many years ago.

Chelsea Hotel

Fame never dies, and this is clearly demonstrated amongst the list of famous ghostly faces which haunt the halls of the Chelsea Hotel. These include the writer Dylan Thomas, who died in his hotel room of alcohol poisoning in 1953, Sid Vicious, who has been reported to still linger in the lift of the hotel and Nancy Laura Spungen, the girl friend of Sid Vicious who was found stabbed to death in her hotel bathroom.

The Bridge Café

Gallus Mag, a six foot tall English woman, ran the tavern in 1794. This was back when it was a regular drinking spot for pirates and sailors. Gallus was not one for putting up with hassle from rowdy drunks in her bar. Armed with a truncheon in one hand and a revolver in her belt she would beat the offender over the head with her truncheon and drag them out of the bar with their ear in her teeth. She would then bite off their ear before tossing them out side. The ear biting thing is not the most disgusting thing that Gallus used to do, she would then add them to her ear collection that pickled in jars behind the bar as a warning to all potential rowdy customers. It is unknown what actually happened to Gallus Mag to cause her death but she is still seen in the Café today. Just make sure you behave yourself if you ever pay her café a visit.

Morris Jamel Mansion

Built in 1776 this southern style mansion is now a museum after having served as the centre of many historical events in American history.  There has been reported that at least five ghosts call Morris Jamel Mansion home, many of which manifesting on the second and third floors along with the balcony.

In 1964 a group of school children arrived that the mansion to receive a tour of the grounds. When they found that the house was locked they became restless and noisy as they awaited someone to come and open the door. They heard a noise coming from the balcony above them, looking up they saw a lady in a flowing purple gown who asked them to be quiet before disappearing through the closed doors of the balcony. When the curator arrived to let the children in they asked why the lady in the purple dress did not open the door for them. The curator told them that there was no lady in the house and realised that they must have seen the ghost of Madam Jamel herself, as the apparition they had seen matched her description perfectly.

The spirit of a young servant girl has been sighted upon the top floor of the house where the old servant’s quarters stood. The name of the girl is unknown but what is known is that she jumped out of the top window of the house after becoming romantically involved with one of the members of the Jamel family.

It seems that the ghosts in the Jamel mansion love interfering with school trips. When an enthusiastic history teacher ran up the stairs in an attempt to see the mansion from top to bottom a revolutionary soldier stepped out from one of the paintings hanging from the wall. she of course fainted on the spot upon setting eyes on him.


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