Urban Legends: Bloody Mary/Mary Worth

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I believe that everyone at some point in their lives has heard one of the many versions of Mary’s story, whether that be in school or at a Halloween party. The most common element of the Bloody Mary story is mirrors and the use of them to summon her.

Ways to Summon Bloody Mary

  • Standing before a mirror in the dark and repeat her name three times.
  • Standing before a mirror in the dark and repeat her name a hundred times.
  • Standing before a mirror at midnight and repeat her name.
  • Running water while chanting her name facing a mirror.
  • Standing before a mirror while chanting her name thirteen times while holding a lit candle.
  • Saying “Bloody Mary, I killed your son!” while facing the mirror in the dark.
  • Standing before a mirror, chanting her name and then rubbing your eyes.
  • Saying “Bloody Mary, I killed your baby,” while facing a mirror in the dark.

In the versions of the story where Bloody Mary is summoned by saying “Bloody Mary I killed your son!” or “I killed your baby,” it is believed that Mary is the spirit of a mother who killed her own children or had her children taken from her which drove her insane causing her to commit suicide. 

The summoning of Bloody Mary is a test of courage. It is believe that when summoned Bloody Mary would kill the caller in a horrific way, e.g. ripping his/her face off, pulling their eyes our, driving the person insane or dragging the person into the mirror with her. In other versions of the story Bloody Mary will appear and allow you to talk to a deceased person for one minute before they vanish. In other stories she will show the caller their future.


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