Bijuu from 1-9 and jinchuuriki in naruto

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is the nine-tailed monsters in fiction by Masashi Kishimoto Naruto. In addition to Naruto, Bijuu legends also exist in Japan (see article Bijuu). These creatures have described body size is very large and have a tail number of different so that they can be divided based on the number of tail. In addition to his size, they also have a number of chakras in a very large number. Generally they are semi-divine beings and the community feared, but in Naruto some of them do not have sufficient intelligence needed to use his own chakra. Bijuu are sealed within the human body called Jinchuuriki (人柱力, which means the host or host) and provide great strength to him. IstilahJinchuuriki itself is only used in the world of Naruto. Even in some cases, a Jinchuuriki have greater power than the existing Bijuu inside him. This is possible because they have the ability to control Bijuu power effectively, while some Bijuu do not have that capability. 
The Jinchuuriki usually have physical characteristics that resemble Bijuu are sealed within his body. Gaara, for instance, have similarities in hair color and circumference as Shukaku eyes, black. Yugito also has eyes like a cat melancip. And of course Naruto has a sign like whiskers around his cheeks and eyes like a wolf / fox. According pendapatAkatsuki, those who became Jinchuuriki usually lack of love in his life, and so far in Naruto’s story, their opinion was right. When one-tailed Bijuu (Shukaku) and two-tailed Bijuu (Nekomata) they are caught, no one would care about such things, even, they were grateful that there was no Jinchuuriki, which they regard as “dangerous people”, in their village. Known, can cause death Jinchuuriki Bijuu death in the body, so the best Bijuu help keep the dead with Jinchuurikinya not share their chakras as Jinchuuriki in danger. Given also that the removal of Bijuu from Jinchuuriki’s body can result in death for the Jinchuuriki. 
9 Bijuu 
During the great war between ninja villages, each village vying to get Bijuu in each country. Bijuu chakra power of huge expected to increase the country’s military strength. 
In a story line that still runs today, Akatsuki is collecting these nine Bijuu. They do this to get the disc from the Bijuu. Especially Kyuubi. Since Kyuubi has unlimited chakra. They catch Jinchuuriki and take them to a secret place where Fuin jutsu (Naruto) # Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals | Fuin Justu, Bijuu sealing jutsu performed to remove from the body Jinchuurikinya Bijuu. Until now has seven Bijuu they get; Shukaku or Ichibi, Nekomata or Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Nanabi. That means only two Bijuu Akatsuki yet again get, the Kyuubi and Ushi-oni or Hachibi. therefore, the naruto manga chapter 419, Akatsuki Pein lowered to capture Naruto in the village of Konohagakure. 
Tailed Bijuu ONE 
* Namaicon the tail of Shukaku (一尾守鹤Ichibi no Shukaku) or Shukaku from the desert (砂の守鶴Suna no Shukaku) * Jenisicon Tanuki (raccoon dog or raccoon-dog in English, Japanese native animals and some surrounding areas) * Jinchuuriki: Gaara, and then taken over by Akatsuki * The ability to fire the cannon khususicon concentrated using wind chakra * Statusicon Arrested and absorbed by the Akatsuki 
Shukaku was knighted by the wind gods of old Japan. Formerly he was the priest who influenced the forces of darkness Yamata no Orochi, and exposed to sand storms. He then transformed into a badger and a tail wind as relying jutsu attacks. In the manga and anime Naruto he sealed in Gaara’s body and use the soul as a mother tumbalnya Gaara. Suna had had two prior Jinchuuriki Gaara, but both died after Shukaku removed from their bodies. Shukaku is intelligent but acting like a drunk. The word “Shukaku” itself can mean “drunk” in Japanese. Like the other Bijuu, temper and thirst for blood can make it hooked Jinchuuriki to come out and destroy what is around him. 
Jinchuuriki of the Shukaku Gaara. 
As Jinchuuriki, Gaara has the ability to control and control the sand, and protected at all times by a shield of sand, but he must menderitainsomnia lifelong side effects of the acquisition. Garaa’ll never be able to sleep because when he’s asleep, Shukaku would control body and mind. 
When anger or passion arising kill, Gaara can turn into a monster the size of the human body by way of covering the whole body with sand. In addition to changing the shape of her body, this sand also increases the physical defense and chakras Gaara drastically. In the form of Shukaku, Gaara get great strength, a strong defense, and the ability to use the shuriken iconasir. 
He also can control the sand and can use them more effectively and powerful than her human form. Weaknesses, the transformation into monster form is going pretty slow and hard to do if there’s nothing really provoke emotions Gaara. Until now, Gaara has tried twice to change his body into Shukaku form, and both failed to achieve the perfect shape, first when the Chuunin exams done. We managed ituSasuke hurt before he could achieve the perfect shape. The second, when he was fighting Naruto in the forest; Naruto beat him when Gaara had managed to cover her entire body except the feet. 
In threatening situations, Gaara can create a replica of the original-sized Shukaku from sand. Unlike the human-sized Shukaku, this replica can be created in a short time. Gaara of the replica control, so that the body protected from enemy attack. In this form, Gaara Shukaku can release the soul is in his body, and put it into a replica of Shukaku’s body. To do this, Gaara must get out of the replica of Shukaku, then slept on the replica’s head. But as a result, Gaara became more vulnerable to attack. When he woke up, then the seal will be released and will return Shukaku spirit into him; and a replica of Shukaku will be destroyed. 
In the episode “Save Gaara”, Akatsuki captured and removed Shukaku from Gaara’s body; Gaara was killed. But a fortune for Gaara, he successfully revived with a combination of quota-life stance of Chiyo and Naruto’s chakra. Gaara’s ability is not completely lost, although it is unknown whether the issuance of its power weakened Shukaku spirit from his body. 
* Shukaku has a similar form of badgers, raccoon or panda that people sometimes difficult to distinguish. * Tanuki, such as Kitsune, is the mystical creatures in Japanese mythology, and sometimes they compete with each other. * There is a story about the priest and the Tanuki who transform themselves into the tea kettle, which is Chagama Chagama. 
Tailed Bijuu 2 
* Name: cat demon tails two (ニ尾の猫俣Nibi no Nekomata) * Type: Nekomata * Jinchuuriki: Yugito * Special Ability: The ability of lightning element * Status: iconitangkap by Akatsuki 
Nekomata, two tailed demon cat Nekomata is shaped Bijuu [[cat]. In the story of Naruto, he sealed in the body of a kunoichi named Nii Yugito from Kumogakure. Nekomata has the breath of fire (Fire Breathing). Nekomata eventually arrested by 2 members of the Akatsuki, Hidan and Kakuzu ie. 
Tailed Bijuu 3 
* Name: Sanbi the tails of three (三尾Sanbi, Isonade) * Type: The creature like a turtle * Jinchuuriki: no / wild. Previously a ninja from Kirigakure * Status: iconitangkap by Akatsuki 
Deidara and Tobi when caught Isonade. This three-Tailed Bijuu shaped like a turtle with a terrible force. Even so, the tail of three do not have skills to control his power so that by Deidara, his ability is only one level higher than normal wild animals. 
His ability is not known, because he only appeared in one episode of Naruto comics. He has a high mobile speed despite having a big body and live freely without Jinchuuriki before finally captured by Deidara and Tobi from the Akatsuki. 
4 Tailed Bijuu 
* Name: Yonbi, the tails of four (or鼠蛟Yonbi四尾, Sokou) * Type: chicken creature that has a long tail of four Yonbi * Jinchuuriki: A grandfather who named Roùshi (but some sources say his name is Shijio Anao) * Status: iconitangkap by Akatsuki 
Tailed Bijuu Jinchuuriki of the four is a grandfather named Roùshi reply captured by Kisame Hoshigaki. Jinchuuriki is using a combination of soil elements and the element of fire into the lava element. This four-Tailed Bijuu has been arrested and sealed by the Akatsuki. 
Tailed Bijuu 5 
* Name: Gobi the tails of five (五尾Gobi, Houkou) * Type: bereekor five dogs in each tail has different elements (in the world of Naruto) * Jinchuuriki: A ninja from the village berelemen five kirigakure * Status: Active 
Tailed Bijuu 6 
* Name: Rokubi the tails of six (六尾Rokubi) * Type: mongoose or similar linsang with six tails, the possibility is Raijū * Jinchuuriki: A young ninja and not known where berasalnya * Status: sealed Akatsuki 
Tailed Bijuu 7 
* Name: Nanabi the tails of seven (七尾Nanabi) * Type: Rigid unknown possibilities of the tails of seven or Suzaku, the Phoenix, one of the legends of animals. * Jinchuuriki: A kunoichi of the village Takigakure * Status: iconitangkap and sealed Akatsuki 
Tailed Bijuu 8 
* Name: Ushi-oni, the tails of eight (or牛鬼八尾Hachibi) * Type: Eight-Tailed Bull (a combination of bull and octopus) * Jinchuuriki: Ninja Killer Bee from Kumogakure * Special Ability: iconapat giant fireball spitting * Status: Active 
Actual form of Hachibi Previously, many thought Bijuu reply is Yamata no Orochi, and reportedly the owner of Yamata no Orochi is Orochimaru. But in Naruto chapter 412 was stated that the Bijuu form of a bull with octopus legs numbered 8. His strength is not known for sure. However, he can shoot like a giant fireball as a iconada Naruto 4 tails form, but larger. 
This Bijuu Target Eagle team. The team, headed Eagle Sasuke arrived at the Killer Bee. Direct attacking Killer Bee Sasuke. Fight with moves that had shown them great. After Killer Bee driven directly transform themselves into Ushi-oni. Eagle team was desperate. 
Sasuke has finally overcome this jinchuuriki Bijuu and sacrificing style Amaterasunya Karin, Suigetsu. Then take him to sarangAkatsuki. But it was just kind of freehand iconalsu clones jinchuuriki it. Bijuu also has good relations with jinchuurikinya reply. In addition, the new note that Killer Bee is the brother of the Raikage. Therefore, he was furious to hear the news of the death of Killer Bee. 
This battle is also a first fight Sasuke using Amaterasu style. Keep in mind the style gift Amaterasu Itachi to Sasuke before Itachi’s death. Amaterasu is the black style out the fire very hot and black. Amaterasu was very susceptible against eight Hachibi tail and make Bijuu are powerless against Amaterasu. 
9 Tailed Bijuu 
* Name: Kyuubi’s nine tails * Type: Weasel or as nine-tailed fox * Jinchuuriki: Uzumaki Naruto * Status: Active 
9 tailed Kyuubi foxBijuu appears in the anime and manga Naruto in the front. Given that the Bijuu was once very uncontrollable and destructive of all that is before him. However, ultimately this Bijuu sealed by Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze the fourth or in the body of a baby named Uzumaki Naruto. This should Segelan requires sacrifice his life for what to do. And as is known Yondaime segelan Kick-off using it. 
Kyuubi was once met with the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Madara Sharingan Mangekyo original owners and use it to defeat the eye Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. The fight was very fierce and the battle that led to the formation of the abyss of death, but to control the Kyuubi Uchiha Madara dead. Many years have passed, he used the Kyuubi to attack Konoha village (Madara claimed that the Kyuubi was not mnyerang Konoha village with Uchiha clan influence, but with her own instinct). As the attack, the Kyuubi fishing all the ninja to come, but Gamabunta Minato Namikaze and beat him. After they defeated the Kyuubi, Minato sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto’s body, and eliminate the control Madara. Since a few moments later, Kyuubi has a special ylang with Sharingan and those who wear it. Kyuubi and Sasuke Uchiha eye mark and he has chakra more familiar, since similar Sharingan Uchiha Madara. 
Naruto has characteristics typical of the cheek. It is characteristic of a mustache on the cheek. Traits that are characteristic of a Jinchuuriki, please note that the sign is a sign that there is a mustache on the Kyuubi. Naruto Kyuubi chakra usually access to him in an emotional state or in a state that is threatened. Although Jiraiya that after the exercise, explained that Naruto can summon the power of the Kyuubi without losing his mind, especially not a tail. To do this, Naruto must try to fight the enemy to give him a little Kyuubi chakra. Kyuubi seems to follow simply because he saw the courage Naruto, and the fact it was not so will result in the death of Naruto, which will also mean the death of the Kyuubi. 
In the anime Naruto Shippuden movie 2: Broken Bond, Naruto, Sai, Sakura, and Yamato to travel to the country to investigate fire three legendary ninja. Amid an investigation, they met with Sora and became friends. After all gone, Sora against his enemy with Kyuubi chakra and make it a Psuedo-Jinchuuriki, the generation of a Kyuubi Naruto. 
Kyuubi is a large animal with a complete power. With his intelligence, these animals are dangerous animals. However, he has a good soul, from the respect Minato and Naruto. 
Despite its Bijuu Kyuubi in his body, but Naruto live miserable lives and do not have friends because Konoha villagers fear the dangers that come when their children are friends with Naruto. In the Chuunin exam. Bijuu was sealed temporarily by Orochimaru, so that Naruto can not remove existing Kyuubi chakra in his body. However, the seal was opened again by Genit sage Jiraiya. This chakra is very helpful for such Naruto, Naruto against Neji in the Chuunin Exams. And with this Bijuu can also compensate Sasuke Naruto Kyuubi tail with one as against Sasuke in the abyss of death. 
Bijuu Strength is very good. He could be out chakra from a very large mouth. Please note that this Bijuu has unlimited chakra. Who can beat this Bijuu only one person is Uchiha Madara. And he was also the mastermind behind the Kyuubi attack Konoha village. In addition, only the Sharingan eye which can enter the body Kyuubi. Example Sasuke can talk to the Bijuu Kyuubi inside Naruto’s body. 
In the Naruto: Shippuden, Kyuubi tails evolved into two of his fight with Deidara. And a tail of four against OrochimaruEkor Six Left Against Pain. Bijuu was targeted by Akatsuki Leader is Pein. Pein went into the village of Konoha for Naruto menceri. But Naruto is not in the village because he was training with Fukasaku to exceed the power of Pein and at the same time avenge Jiraiya.


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