Michael Jackson: The Memory Lives On

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Michael Jackson lived a lavish life, a life in the spotlight and by anyone’s standards, he was someone to be envied. But was he?

We will never know the torture, pain or joy of growing up in the spotlight and at the end of the day, we have someplace to retreat to, someplace to call home and with people that we love and adore and who love and adore us.

At home we may or may not be accepted. We may be the life of the party or the black sheep, but the people of our families know us and know who we are. We don’t have a very public persona that extends outside of our neighborhoods and into the homes of people near and far.

Michael Jackson’s life was not filled with anonymity. He could not experience the joy of just walking down the street and seeing the sights and sounds of a city. There were bodyguards and mobs of fans. People who just wanted to get a look or a touch, even the opportunity to say, “I saw him, I touched him, he was real”, but was he. We will never truly know the real Michael Jackson. The one he was behind closed doors. We will only know the public persona, the Michael Jackson that he wanted us to see, the “man in the mirror”.

Michael Jackson will be missed by countless fans whose love may extend decades, from those who remember singing his songs on a cold, winter night in the middle of Times Square to those who witnessed him on stage, his legacy will live on. Whether it’s through entertainers who emulated him or his recordings or even his videos, he will be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers of all times – the King of Pop.

So here’s to the King of Pop, may he be remembered more for the good he’s done, respected for the things he sacrificed and loved for the music he created. May his life be a beacon of hope for others traveling down the same road and a warning for those living that kind of dream. May he, his life and his music never be forgotten, but live on in the hearts and minds of those who will and are following him.

Rest in peace Michael and thanks for the memories.


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