A new race of teens

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I’m a 13 year-old girl.I want a ‘scene’ haircut,a boyfriend and drum lessons.I have a straight cut with a side fringe,i havent spoken to a boy my age in a quite few years and although i keep hinting,the only thing i’ve ever learned is the recorder. I have friends but i’m not hugly popular.I want to go to raves but hate drugs and drinking till your drunk. I am a teenager.So why does my opinion matter? Because like so many teenagers in present day,i’m realising that by not ever talking back,shouting or even having an argument with my parents,i’m dying to have the chance to not being told off for having an opinion or asking why i can’t have the haircut i want.

This isn’t: an emo rant,a teen being fussy or some spolit kid trying to get more than they deserve. This is the truth.There have always been revolutions.Changes.and acceptions.People accepted gays.People accepted foreign cultures.People need to accept the fact that todays child needs space to express themselves in order to be themselves. If you want to know your child, let them be who they want to be.

This isn’t a rant telling you to let your children walk all over you,of course you should have rules and dicipline.Just let us look like and be who we are.Let us listen to who we want.Don;t tease or reprimand us for talking back.Believe in our opinion.

This is a cry for freedom.Freedom from supretion of ourselves. Freedom for teenagers.The new race of teenagers.The nu teen.We will be accepted,with or without your help.


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