Virgo Male Zodiac Love Scopes

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Most Virgo men appear confident and cool on the outside. They are often very neat, pleasant, and have a very attractive outer appearance which often does not match their sharp and critical  inner nature. And because of their often superior look, they demand and get the respect of the men and women they encounter.

Virgo Male and Romance

Most Virgo Men are not interested in the passionate and all encompassing great love affair. They are very private people who like to keep their personal affairs secret from others. The industrious and conservative minded Virgo man often entertains ideas of love or relationships like a business partnership. Only considering relationships with a woman who can enhance his life for the better. And the fact is most Virgo men are not very romantic or passionate. They are highly critical and down right stingy. This is the main reason why many Virgo men remain bachelors all their life.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs

Leo and Virgo- The warm hearted and good natured Leo woman  tends to overlook the harsh and critical nature of the Virgo man.

Scorpio and Virgo- There are signs of a very happy pairing. Virgo more than likely admires the Scorpio woman’s keen sharp intellect.

Capricorn and Virgo- There is much in common between these two signs. They are both very practical and industrious individuals who find comfort and assurance with each other.

Famous Virgo Males

River Phoenix    August 23
Steve Guttenberg    August 24
Dave Chappelle    August 24
Billy Ray Cyrus    August 25
Sean Connery    August 25
Macaulay Culkin    August 26
Jason Priestley    August 28
Michael Jackson    August 29
Van Morrison    August 31
Jonathan Taylor Thomas    September 8
Adam Sandler    September 9
Hugh Grant    September 9
Benjamin McKenzie    September 12
Sam Neill    September 14
Tommy Lee Jones    September 15
David Copperfield    September 16
Ken Kesey    September 17
Bill Murray    September 21
Luke Wilson    September 21
Eric Stoltz    September 22

In conclusion, The Virgo man is very discriminating and critical in intimate relationships. Any woman interested in attracting a Virgo man must appeal to his practical nature and accept his fussy pragmatic ways. And the Virgo man rarely shows passion. In fact, he considers emotions and passion wasted emotions.


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