If only I knew then what I know now

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When I was a child and was attending school I had a classmate who was always trying to be in my company and was eager to become my friend as she had no friends I wasn’t looking for her friendship as I had quite a lot of friends and making new friends was not in my interest at that time and I was always trying to escape from her view when she was coming towards us during breaks.

Once my classmate bought two tickets for a concert and invited me to join her. I accepted her invitation but decided not to go. The next day I have learnt that my classmate went to the concert but didn’t enter the hall because I didn’t go. She didn’t speak to me after that event and was all alone without anybody’s company. I didn’t regret that as I was very young and didn’t understand things that I understand now.

A few months later my classmate died from leukemia and first time in my life the feeling of regret visited me and I was ashamed of my behavior.  As time passed by and I  grew from my childhood  I understood the real meaning of friendship.

 From my own experience I learnt that very often  people who you had considered to be your friends can leave you  alone, when you are in need, or when you are  facing difficult and hard times in your life  and again return to you when you prosper or when they need your help.

I understood that  true friends who dedicate their life to each other, who are loyal trusted and loving are very rare to find and if you have such kind of friends you are one of  the luckest people of the world. And  looking back I realized that I had someone in my life that was ready to be such kind of a friend for me but I didn’t accept her friendship and lost my chance of having a true, sensier and devoted friend.

If only I knew the real meaning of friendship and dedication then,  I wouldn’t upset my classmate and would try to bring some bright moments to her short life becoming her best and closst friend in this life.


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