The Mask of 14 Carats: The Secret of the Celebrities

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One of the most luxurious beauty treatments of our time includes the “Mask of 14 Carats”. Its sources originate from ancient Egypt where it’s been said that Cleopatra slept with her face covered in the golden metal to conserve her youthful skin.

Nowadays, this secret is become more known to men and women who are searching for new beauty techniques for face care. This metallic mask helps to fight not only aging, but also assists in eliminating spots, acne, and granites.

This facial treatment is very popular in European spas and beauty clinics which are visited by celebrities from all over the world. These places have top-end esthetic equipment for all your skin care needs.

When using the gold mask, it typically only takes one 30-minute session for it to be used in its entirety. In places like Spain, this gold mask session costs 800 Euros while in New York it costs approximately $150-$280.The benefits from the mask which include a luminous and toned face will last for more than 4 to 6 weeks.

The gold contained in the mask is a pure antioxidant that slows down the aging characteristics of the skin. It protects the skin against free radicals by releasing an anti-allergic factor, listamina. It also increases the concentration of elastina which improves the tone of the skin.

Please note that this treatment is not recommended for people who are allergic to gold.


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