Finding Legitimate Jobs Online

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Before we go into any details, let us look into a few tips to identify a scam or whether a job is legitimate:

  • A job that asks for money to purchase your domain to begin making money. (most if not all are scams)
  • A job that says “Free to Join” and when you join, it tells you that, in order to make money, you have to pay to upgrade your account to a certain level.
  • A job that promises an unrealistic sum of money when you join. (Jobs like survey or affiliate sites usually advertise in the likely manner. It is usually if not always impossible to achieve such goal.
  • A job that offers you to join free and compels you to make money based on referrals. ( these jobs are usually survey sites which leads you to sign up and when you do, you get one or two surveys to complete and the rest is solely dependent on referrals. In cases like this, these websites are using you to get email addresses which they in turn either sell or use to market their products.

While those are few pointers which notify you of fraudulent jobs, you also need to take the necessary precaution to protect yourself and family, never to pay for any job online. Don’t be tricked by phrases like, Upgrade, Buy your Domain, Pay for training material etc.

Legitimate Jobs you can find.

A real job does not ask you for money to start working and it actually make you do real work. Although most survey site seems like a scam, there are actually a few that let you do survey and pays you. The only problem is you may take a year to get lunch money.

There are many jobs like call centre, writing and data entry such as live person customer support. A wonderful site that pays you to write articles, publish videos etc is Other websites advertises many work at home jobs for women especially. You can also sell stuff on Amazon and eBay. There is also the well know job for women, “Avon.”

“Many are they but few are the ones who know them.” The key to finding a legitimate online job is to enter keywords of your interest. For example, if you like to write, enter writing jobs. If you like to do surveys, enter free surveys. If you like to do sales, enter sales jobs or if you like to serve people, enter customer service jobs. If you would like to get advice on a wider range of jobs, you can visit question and answer sites such as or There you can ask a question a get answers from people from all over the world. You must be very careful though and follow the tips mentioned above as scammers also take advantage of these sites.

Take my word on this, you will find a legitimate job online within a day. Just remember to enter your keyword of interest and DO NOT PAY ANYTHING FOR ANY JOB. You are the one looking the job, it simple means that you are broke and needs money! Why pay to get a job. Does that make sense?


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