Worship of Expensive Cell Phones

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A cell phone or mobile (also called hand phone, as well as wireless phone, cellular phone, cell, cellular telephone, mobile telephone or cell telephone) is a long-range, electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephony, messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_Phone

Believe it or not, Expensive Cell Phones affect society but it has an even more major effect on young people especially in the Third World Countries.

How does Cell Phone affect Society

Where I live, cell phone is a prestigious piece of device especially if it is an expensive type like the Blackberry Curve, Palm Centro or the RAZR PDA. School children and adolescence between the ages of 13 and 23 are the ones who carry the most expensive types. The majority of this group basically refuses to be seen with a cell phone if it cost under US $200. They will go without food to get one or the will steal one if it comes their way.

This mentality is one of the BIGGEST CRIME TRIGGER in schools and on the streets. This mentality is so rigid that THUGS make it a profession to steal from stores at nights, break into houses and even “Stick Up” a person in broad daylight. They in turn sell these high priced cell phones to young people like high school and college students at a reduced price. This trend has allowed older generation and those that are not hypnotized by this trance to be afraid to have an expensive phone even if it is a gift from a friend.

My cell phone cost approximately US $15 and as long as it can make calls, receive calls and send text messages, I am O.K.

Cell phone saga has taken a toll on society where crime and violence is concerned and it also takes a bigger toll on young people on a whole.

Toll on Young People

High school and college students have forgotten the purpose to be in a school environment. They have become so caught up in ‘Cool Cell Phones’ that they do the worst to get it.

  •  The male students play on girls’ emotions just so they can get their expensive cell phones
  •   These girls in turn sleep with older men to get a phone both for themselves and for their boyfriends at school
  •   Seeing how desperate these girls are to look cool, popular and rich; older men, mostly married, use this to their advantage to have as many school girls as they like
  •  This sin of having sex for an expensive phone opens the way to another sin. “The transmission of HIV AIDS.” A prominent college in my area (third world country) ran a series of blood test on students and it was surprising to hear of the amount of students with this scary disease.
  •  The real purpose of school has been forgotten because the majority of students made it that way and so they have to act like adults and take on adult lifestyle to get adult stuff

The price of these cell phones can only be afforded by someone who has a well paid job and so obviously, a school student does not have that privilege and so that is why they go “the extra mile.”

Mark this, “some students are able to afford an expensive cell phone because their parents are able to buy them one. We also have college students who have part time jobs and do not have hefty responsibilities therefore they are able to afford one.” So this does not apply to everyone. The majority though, is in the spotlight.

 Purpose of School Forgotten

This early adult lifestyle makes students loose respect for teachers and adults. They dress disrespectfully, they talk disrespectfully and they fail disrespectfully. This failure in academics makes the way to unemployment when they leave school especially high school.

Society however has seen this the wrong way. Expensive Cell Phones are not really a good thing. Yes it has a lot of features like internet use etc., but let we all face it, people who can afford these expensive gadgets like older folks, can’t really use them!

Society has been forced to see this otherwise. Expensive Cell Phones are being worshiped by young people and it is all because the dealers hypnotized them to believe that these mini computers are actually gods.


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