A Simple Way of Writing a College Admission Essay

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Seeing that this opportunity is the best thing for most individual; for some it is their “biggest nightmare.” Many students do not want to go to college because they want to be with their peers who probably never got into the same college. Another stopper could be that they despise the college because it is their parent’s dream and not theirs’. “Sounds familiar?” Whatever the reason is, if a person wants to get into college there are a few pointers that they should know.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a College Admission Essay in Getting into college

In writing your essay, you need to have a variety of personality coming from your work. The counselor reading your work needs to see the person behind the “pen and paper”.  In other words, you need to be creative and at the same time, showing that you are smart. (That’s a key issue).
Here is what you need and need not to do:

  • Research on the college of your choice. This is a crucial point as it shows that you really have interest and want to attend their college. Be sure to keep it simple; do not exaggerate, lie or over emphasize anything when talking about the school. If you are called for an interview, this will also be helpful.
  • You need to follow the guidelines that were given. For example, if they asked you to write one paragraph, be sure to write only one paragraph. The reason for that is, many instructors, even though they are called instructors, get very bored if an essay is too long and especially if it is boring. You need to also take into consideration that they have hundreds, if not thousands of applications like yours to read.
  • Stick to the point. If you are asked to write an essay on why you think you should be accepted, do not give the impression that you are more brilliant than others or that “College X is a very prestigious college and it would stand out on your resume.”  Instead, give unbiased points and views why you should be accepted. Points like “I like the fact that this college is very active in sports and it will also allow me to interact with more students seeing that College X is co-educational.
  • Be yourself. When writing, write in a tone that depicts who you are. Do not write as if you are reciting a poem or paragraph from an encyclopedia. Also do not talk too much about yourself or use”Big Words” only.
  • Do not be yourself showing only your selfish sides. While being yourself tells the instructor or counselor the type of person you are, be sure not to dwell on selfish points like ” I want to get into this college because it is accredited worldwide and employers are quick to hire me just by seeing that i went to College X.” or even by  saying ” I want to earn my degree because that is the only way to get a well paid job.”

Another thing about writing college admission essays is that you cannot rush to write it. Take your time. I am sure you are given enough time so do not rush, you do not have to impress the person who is collecting your admission essay by being too early. Take your time and do your best at what you do best and that is Simply Being yourself!


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