How to Gain Healthy Weight

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While most people are battling to loose weight, there are actually many people especially adolescence who are battling with the desire to gain weight. This of course is very normal.

 As was mentioned before, being slim makes you look good but being too slim is not always a comfortable feeling. Impartially speaking, a person looks his/her best when he/she has on a little flesh. Not too Fat and not too Skinny. I the Caribbean, men especially like to see their women with big buttock, large hips and big breast.A skinny model does not have those features. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look like you are actually eating some food and not malnourished. 


 Here are Five (5) ways to Gain Healthy Weight

1)      Take a worm out

2)      Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable and Staples

3)      Take a daily dosage of Omega Oils (3, 6, and 9) fish Flax and Boralge. These are healthy oils

4)      Take digestive enzymes

5)      Do some weight lifting


That is how easy it is to gain weight. The Omega Oils work wonders and it is proven to work on every single person who tried it. The best part is, it is healthy and it also makes your skin beautiful. These five ways mentioned are actually healthy and inexpensive ways to gain healthy, NOT FAT but healthy weight.

 Try these and I guarantee you that within a week you will start to see the results.


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