Foods to Eat When You Have the Flu

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If you have the flu, toast will be gentle on your stomach. Before you try a little toast, you should test the waters. Drink a few sips of water or flat 7-up to see if this will stay down. If it does stay down, try one piece of toast. Eat the toast slowly and judge if you can continue or stop and give your stomach a rest for a bit. If the drink of choice stays down, eat some toast, but if it doesn’t stay down, want about two to four hours before trying toast.


Saltine crackers help with the nausea associated with the flu. Your body can dehydrate from lack of fluids and vomiting, which lowers the salt levels in the body. Eat a saltine cracker, but only eat one at a time until your stomach settles down and you can keep fluid and food down.

Fruits and Jell-O

fter the first or second day of having the flu, you can start eating fruits such as applesauce and bananas. The bananas will give you potassium and help your body recover from the trauma of the flu. As you start feeling better, you can add Jell-O to your diet. Small amounts will help fight off the hunger. Red Jell-O will work the best.

Foods to Avoid

When you have the stomach flu, you should avoid greasy foods, sugar and spicy foods. Drinks to avoid are beverages that are acidic and sweetened. Although you take orange juice for a cold, avoid it if you have the flu.


If you continue to vomit and cannot keep toast or crackers down as well as fluids, you should contact a doctor. You don’t want to dehydrate while you have the flu or your body will not be able to fight the virus and get better.


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