Sad Truth for parents, you can’t help yourself but you can prepare your children for the inevitable!

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Think for a second, how many paychecks are you from being declared BANKRUPT? 1? 2? 3?

Living in ransom is not a good idea, not even good for your health.

If you are really poor, I really doubted you would surf the net, or even reading this, so should be around Middle Class and lower. Rich people rarely surf the net for entertainment, they’d go out and spend money. Middle class and upper are getting out and enjoying life, and most came from wealthy parents, and you are not. We’ll life is unfair, so we need to fight and kick back some asses.

We are all trapped in the rat race, we need to keep on working just to pay our endless bills.. And the only way you would know how to escape this race is to get a raise? Hell No. Work extra time? That’s a joke. Invest in real estate? i thought you were poor. Invest in stock????Stop reading you’re in the wrong crowd.

If you already have at least 10K in the bank, then I encourage you to setup your own business. You can skip this, further details on investment will in my next article for established people.

But if you are really desperate, or on in the brink of getting bankrupt then do this.

(1) Salvage what’s left of your income, and get rid of your expense.

Move into a smaller house in another neighborhood where no one knows you, give up your fancy car and get the cheapest one, stop your lavish lifestyle

(2) get a part time job, every month even if you manage to save 10 bucks only. That’s a start .Great JOB.

(3) Your Credit card is the No.1 Killer. Stop relying on it. Live below your means, and you’ll thank me later

(4) How to get money? Anything and Everything will do, just according to your religion and values.

Everyone has a least 1 % chance in anything, so if you see any contest, just JOIN. Please do this. Increase your chance even if its 1 %.

(5) Educate yourself in Finance. Create more opportunities for you.

What you really need to do is get up on your ass and start finding a part time income. Keep your day job and start doing some selling. Yarghh this is the quickest way. If you are ready, setup your own business. Start with a minimum 500 bucks below, yes start small. IT CAN BE.

Do anything that you like, literally. Do something you like to do and sell it, I’m not joking..To you or other nay sayer that may think that this is rubbish, but trust me, people buy your garbage. You know how to define quality, the satisfaction of customers when buying your garbage is quality.

Do this and it’s the first step for you to get out of the rat race.

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