6 Powerful Tips To Get More Readers To Your Article Now

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Writing on sites like Bukisa and Hub Pages is a great way to social network as well as increase traffic to your own website, even better is that people can make money just publishing on these kinds of websites alone. There are people all over these internet communities that are making a killing utilizing affiliate tools like AdSense on their articles and they also are tripling the amount of traffic the get back to their own websites earning them more cash.

On the other hand, there are still a growing number of us who do not seem to be able to reap the awesome benefits for the articles we write. We see the web shots of other publishers adsense accounts displaying hundreds even thousands of dollars, then we look at ours and we ask “What am I doing wrong?”. The articles that we write showcase the same amount of useful highly craved information as the top earners, but we do not seem to get nearly as much increase web traffic as the other guy or gal.

The answer may exist in the readability of your article. Here are 6 techniques that I found will make any article more readable and interesting.

1. Write Captivating Titles

This is the most important rule to follow next to having quality content. Articles don’t have covers, but they do have titles and they are always judged by it. It’s the first thing anyone sees before they read. If the title can’t steal someones attention then the article will not be of any good.

Create a title that is short, concise and gives a general idea of what the hub or articles content is about. It should also have a keyword or two in it. The best titles are in the form of a question someone might have or some sort of immediate call to action, a couple examples are the links to the right.

2. Use Sub-headings

This allows publishers to divide content into different subjects. This will boost your readability because it allows the reader to easily navigate from one point to another. Sub-headings give content a natural flow, keeping the readers attention.

3. Write Shorter Paragraphs

Who wants to sit and read a huge glob of text. Entice them with easy to read 2-3 sentence paragraphs. They are easy on the eyes, the process in our brains quicker, and people can skim through faster. If a person notices an article is too long with thick paragraphs the will just click away to the next one.

4. Make A List

When writing a guide, tip, or key facts these bulleted or numbered lists are necessary. They let the reader know when the tips begin or what in the article or hub needs is being stressed. They also just make the page look good.

5. Use Facts

Having facts and figures make articles much more professional. Everyone likes to know that the information they are receiving is truthful. Sprinkle them in, this means do not load up articles with facts, graphs and such, doing this will make writing look more like a data sheet.

6. Link to Related Material

Sure there are links back to our sites wherever we are allowed to put them, without them how could we increase web traffic. However, please carefully choose what links are where. When placing a back link, make sure the site is actually related to the article topic. The key is not to simply increase traffic to and through articles, but that the visitors are targeted making them more likely to buy products or services.

Use these 6 tips and it should improve the performance of your articles. One key thing to remember is that article writing is about both quality and quantity. If someone clicks to read one of your articles make sure its sticky and easy to follow through so that it’s read in its entirety.


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