Basic information on cancer

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There is probably nobody who never heard of cancer. However, I have decided to provide you some basic facts about this word anyway.

I think that I should begin with definition of this well known and feared word. Cancer is medical term for group of diseases. Cancer usually develops by group of cells that begin to grow beyond the normal limits. They then often damage other tissues. Some forms can even spread through lymph and blood to other locations in the body.

Cancer can endanger anyone. Even children and young people can suffer from it. However, the older you are the greater is the chance of getting cancer.

We usually think about cancer as human disease. We tend to forget that animals can also suffer from it. If I am not mistaken, then even plants can develop a cancer. I know that this is not so important to most people. We usually worry only about ourselves and our loved ones. But cancer could also ruin every pet owner’s day. I know this because my grandma’s dog had cancer and it killed it. It was as sad as if any of my family members died.

Prevention is very important. You should visit your doctor immediately if you are suspicious about your health. It is better to catch it sooner. There is usually a chance that you will survive if you find out soon enough. The chance of surviving decreases with every day your cancer stays untreated. I would also advise every older person to get examined at least once a year.

There are many types of cancer. Some of them may develop a tumor, others not.


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