Few reasons why people do not smoke

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There are a lot of smokers all over the world. I am sure that most of them have their reasons for it. However, I cannot understand them. I never even tried cigarette. Some of you may think that I am crazy. But, I am not. I decided to write my reasons why I never tried smoking. Maybe it will help someone to avoid becoming addicted to nicotine.

Well, it is hard to find some reason to begin with. They are all important. I think I will start with financial side of the problem. Cigarettes are very expensive in most countries. They can pretty much ruin your budget, especially when you combine them with alcohol. Heavy smoker can smoke up to 30 or 40 cigarettes a day. Think about this for a while. The chances of becoming heavy smoker are high. Nicotine is addictive substance. It is the same as other drugs and alcohol. Most people will certainly fall for it. Anyone of us would be foolish to think that he/she is different. Once you become heavy smoker, you will either have to earn a lot of money or exclude anything else.

Another good reason is your health and health of your loved ones. Smoking can badly damage your lungs or even bring you cancer. It can also ruin health of people who spend a lot of time with you. If you do not care about money, you should at least care about your friends and family.

To leave smoking is very hard. At least most people who are trying to quit smoking say that. Not so many people are successful. I know many people who stopped smoking. Every one of them did so many times over. All of them came back to it after few days or a week. To quit smoking is almost as hard as kicking hard drugs. I know that some you may think: “How could he know that, if he never tried it?” Well, I know it because I saw what it did and still does to some of my friends. Problems with quitting something are best avoided by never trying it.

So, it is time for last of my reasons. It does not apply to everyone. However, this one is the most important for me. The smell of cigarettes makes me sick. I cannot withstand it and the idea of letting it into my lungs is unacceptable for me. I know that this is probably funny. However, we all have our reasons for doing/not doing something.

If something I have not mentioned here comes to your mind, feel free to write a comment.


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