Should teenagers work part-time to earn money?

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Many teenagers have a part-time job. This can be due to many different reasons. Some parents do not give their children any pocket money. If they want some, they have to work. Others do not have to work part-time to get some money. However, they have this opportunity too. This brings up the question: “Should they work too?”

Part-time job can bring many positives to teenager’s life. Although, it can also bring some negatives. Fine example of negative influence on teenager is shortage of free time. Teenager then does not have enough time to go to the cinema or to meet with his friends. The most, if not all, teenagers still have to go to the school. Part-time job can also cause the shortage of time for studies. This has very bad influence on teenager’s performance in school.

Sure, the negatives should not be forgotten. However, we should also look at the advantages that part-time jobs offer to teenagers. Thanks to this job, teenager will learn to value his money and hopefully, even to spend it more wisely. He will also learn that one has to earn everything he wants. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that nothing is free in the world we live in. Of course, there are some exceptions, but I am pretty sure that nobody can make a living of finding coins on the ground or getting a piece of cheese for free at supermarket. I almost forgot to mention that every experience one gains will help him in his future life. It is certain that teenager will gain a lot of experience while working part-time.

To conclude, the part-time job can make teenager’s life much harder. On the other hand, what does not kill you makes you stronger. In my opinion, teenagers should work part-time, if they have a chance.


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