Celebrating Labor Day

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Labor Day takes place every year on the first Monday in September. It indicates the end of summer break for students and the beginning of a new school year.  The holiday is a time when family and friends gather together for picnics, cookouts and BBQ’S, along with other fun activities. Following are eight traditional ways to celebrate Labor Day with your family and friends.

1. BBQ AND COOKOUT: Invite your family and friends over for a late afternoon BBQ and cookout. Light up your grill and cook some Barbeque Chicken or Ribs, along with grilled Corn on the Cob. For the kids, grill some hamburgers and hotdogs, served with all the trimmings. Surprise your guests with a freezer or two of homemade ice cream.

2. DAY AT THE BEACH: If you live near the coast, spend the day with your family at the beach. Pack a picnic basket with a light lunch and fill a cooler with soft drinks. Be sure to take along some beach towels and plenty of sunscreen. Take toy buckets and shovels for the kids to play with in the sand. Relax in the warm summer sun while the kids are busy building sandcastles.

3. FAMILY OUTING: Take your family on a tour of the State Zoo. Let the kids play with the tame animals in the petting area. You can also spend the day at a Theme Park and enjoy the rides together, or you can to visit a local Carnival. This is the perfect opportunity for you to give your children fond memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

4. HAWAIIAN THEME PARTY: Invite your family and friends over for a Hawaiian Theme Party. Decorate your backyard with colorful party lights, tiki torches, inflatable palm trees and other island props. Ask everyone to dress in Hawaiian style clothing for the party. When the guests arrive, place leis around their necks at the door. Give the ladies grass skirts to wear and pretty orchids to put behind their ears. Have Hawaiian music playing softly in the background. Use a large pineapple as a centerpiece for you table and serve tropical foods, such as seafood kabobs, melons and macadamia nuts. For your beverage, serve tropical fruit punch.

5. PICNIC AT THE PARK: Pack a picnic lunch and take your family to the local park for the day. Enjoy a fun sack race together as a family and go for a walk on the nature trails. Let the kids have water balloon fights and bubblegum blowing contests. Give the winner of the contests a treat bags filled with candy and/or small toys.

6. SCENIC DRIVE: Take your family on a scenic drive in the mountains. Enjoy the last days of summer viewing the lush green meadows and pastures. Take along a basket of food and have a picnic lunch on a blanket spread out in the cool shade. If there’s a stream nearby, take off your shoes and wade in the cold mountain water.

7. SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS: Check your local newspaper for Labor Day celebrations in your area. Take your family to a holiday parade in town, a live concert on the lawn or a sidewalk art exhibit.

8. WEEKEND CAMPING TRIP: Take your family on a weekend camping trip for the holiday. Sit around the campfire at night and tell stories while roasting s’mores and marshmallows. Sleep under the stars and enjoy the last warm nights of summer before autumn arrives and the nights turn chilly.


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